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Is it true they only go to school thru the eighth grade? Essentially, they want a theocracy. Unlike citizens in the modern state who display a sense of civic duty and responsibility for the welfare of their country, Amish understandings of the state parallel those of subjects to a king. I also know that two of those pamphlets shown in the video meant to help in cases of abuse came with a good bit of Amish input and support, and that it goes beyond that. Reply to Comment Comment on Not enough time May 15th, at I am quite familiar with Mr.

Amish gay

I was also raised in an Amish home and was never abused in any manner, neither were any of my siblings. I wish you and I had never experienced abuse, but we live in a fallen world. One bad incident gets splashed across the media and everyone thinks it is rampant among all Christians, Jewish, Muslim, etc. The experts sometimes rely on interviews also. He said two young Amish girls who spent time here in the past, and now are in Michigan, told the elders of being abused; the elders then told Michigan police. Not what we are at all. That police department now credits Webster County with making a difference. He found that while voting was once forbidden by church forefathers, involvement in the political process and tacit support for it has waxed and waned for generations. As a child and teenager I was sexually abused and my family still cannot acknowledge it happened. People within Amish culture will have the most influential voices. I know there are Amish people who are shocked by these cases, and it is also unfortunate that all Amish get painted with this perception because of what happens in some communities. Reply to Comment Comment on Not enough time May 15th, at Even in our mainstream justice system, there is an incredible array of responses to sexual abuse cases. March 14th, at It goes to show humanity is the same all over. Dr, Drake, depending on the State that the incidents occurred the act of touching is all that is required for it to become a criminal offense. Now it is on TV specials, the news, taught in schools, etc. I wholeheartedly agree with you. The Amish have traditionally been discouraged from voting but not forbidden. So is it frowned upon, or is it a real rule from the Ordnung? I know there are Amish people and churches that would not turn a blind eye, and are just as disgusted by these incidents, wherever they happen. I know a lot of brothers shared a bed and even at times showered together. Stephanie, my heart goes out to you. There are resources available. Not everyone is of the same mind though. What kind of schools do Amish attend?

Amish gay

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