Angelica elizabeth zambrano

They neither care for God nor neighbour. I was no longer alive, I was dying, and it was agonizing! Although many people may not see it that way, but it is the truth. I placed a mirror to her mouth to see if she was breathing, there was nothing. For example, she presents Jesus as the "good guy" of her account. For example, Angelica says that, in her second visit to hell, she met a former Christian leader who was there because he did not tithe. I also used to believe this, but after I met the Lord and the Holy Spirit, I know the gospel is not boring, it is the most beautiful experience you can have on Earth! The Lord said, "Daughter, there are also people who know Me, that are walking to this place.

Angelica elizabeth zambrano

However, other aspects of her story do not reflect the Bible's teachings. Take for example,Michael Jackson. The Lord is our best friend, the Holy Spirit. I want You to make a difference in me; I want to be different. They wore crystal sandals and had on holy garments. Instead, all that can be done is to evaluate the content of the claimed vision and the fruit of resulting lifestyle of the person who claimed to have such a vision. Before now, I used to live as a double minded young Christian girl. They would pick him up and whip him. We are here because you must visit Heaven and Hell and we will not leave until all of this comes to pass. There is no objective way to determine if a vision happened or not, nor how to determine what really occurred during the vision. All they did was sing and sing, they wouldn't stop singing. He is now rejoicing with the Lord and his angels in heaven" and I believed all of it. He did not want to follow the way of the Lord. When I heard His voice, fear had left me, and I was no longer scared. I told Jesus, "I will testify that hell is real, that hell exists, but take me out of here now! I smell something fishy here. Her hair was set back, like the hair of a dead person, and she turned icy cold. It's hard to explain, I felt covered with something like armor, and I couldn't explain how I was covered. She gave everything away, everything! Anyone who listens to Michael Jackson's songs or sings them or who is a fan of Michael Jackson, I warn you that satan is trapping you in his web so that you will end up in hell. I tried to see but there was a terrible darkness. When I heard His voice, fear had left me, and I was no longer scared. He gave us Jeremiah In the story of the rich man and Lazarus we read, "And besides all this, between us and you a great chasm has been fixed, in order that those who would pass from here to you may not be able, and none may cross from there to us" Luke My name is Angelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora.

Angelica elizabeth zambrano

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  1. That Scripture is not a proof text for hell but what is called purgatory. The Lord is our best friend, the Holy Spirit.

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