The principal events in the seventh century were connected with the invasions and conquests of the Saracens. Arabes mitrati sunt, aut intoso crine. The Abassides were impoverished by the multitude of their needs, and their contempt of economy. Indeed, would any image better represent the effects of the Saracenic invasions than such a countless host of locusts? These have been explained as referring to the successive shocks which terminated in the downfall of the Western empire. There were times in the early history of that religion when, to all human appearance, it would universally prevail, and wholly supplant the Christian church.


Of the Ommiades, or princes who succeeded Abdalrahman, Mr. See the notes on Revelation 9: When you make any covenant or article, stand to it, and be as good as your word. It is true that beforehand it might not have been practicable to describe exactly what people were referred to, but: Gibbon as armed with cuirasses. Aliis et haec intonsa Nat. Thus, in more modern times, it has been common to carry the desolations of war into gardens, orchards, and vineyards. The Abassides were impoverished by the multitude of their needs, and their contempt of economy. All that is necessary to say further on this point is, that on the supposition that it was the design of the Spirit of inspiration in the passage before us to refer to the followers of Muhammed, the image of the locusts was that which would be naturally selected. This agrees remarkably with an express command in the Koran. Would anything better characterize the genius, the power, and the splendid but perverted talent of Muhammed? That is, there was to be one monarch - one ruling spirit to which all these hosts were subject. Their stern enthusiasm was softened by time and prosperity: The same thing occurs in the Koran: The question is, whether there was anything in the symbol, as described by John, which would properly designate the followers of Muhammed, on the supposition that it was designed to have such a reference: Assi Asisiha messenger of the Sword Moses. As applicable to the conflicts of the Saracens with Christians, the meaning here would seem to be, that the power conceded to those who are represented by the locusts was not to cut off and to destroy the church, but it was to bring upon it various calamities to continue for a definite period. And never was anything more appropriate than this title as applied to the leader of the Arabic hosts. COM His name used in amulets to protect against the evil eye. Compare Newton on the Prophecies, p. Indeed, in all the history of barbarous and savage warfare it would be difficult to find another distinct command that no injury should be done to gardens and orchards. The followers of the false prophet contemplated the subjugation of Europe, and the destruction of Christianity, from two quarters - the East and the West - expecting to make a junction of the two armies in the north of Italy, and to march down to Rome. In regard to the immense hosts employed in these conquests, an idea may be formed by a perusal of the whole fifty-first chapter in Gibbon vol. Aniquel Anituel one of the seven great princes spirits fallen angel who manifests as serpent paradise. As some confirmation of this, or as showing how natural the symbol would be, a remark may be introduced from Mr.


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  1. He is reputed to be a terrible demon that was corrupted by having sexual relations with human women.

  2. These illustrations will show with what propriety the locusts in the symbol were represented as having breastplates like breastplates of iron.

  3. Having conquered Northern Africa, they passed over into Spain, subdued that country and Portugal, and extended their conquests as far as the Loire.

  4. On the supposition that the four first trumpets refer to the downfall of the Western empire, then the proper time supposed to be represented by this symbol is subsequent to that; and yet the manner in which the last three trumpets are introduced Revelation 8: In the history of Muhammed we read expressly of the cuirasses of himself and of his Arab troops.

  5. In his second battle with the Koreish, seven hundred of his little army are spoken of by Mr.

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