Aquarius woman and pisces woman compatibility

Of course, you won't have much of a problem with that in the short term. However, this man is often unattached much to the surprise and delight of his admirers. A love match with someone from of a different astrological element can be challenging, but also a beautiful opportunity to evolve. It also points you in that direction, so keep steady. I think Aquarius are generally your brilliant, innovative, and often curious zodiac. Pisces can be very strong willed at people, part of this comes from being a water element, and Aquarius as a sensitive soul can be frightened when people push boundaries. The clashes created by their dissimilar personalities can only be washed off with the elixir of understanding, acceptance and adjustment. For Aquarius, this love for humankind would mean absolute justice, equality and freedom of speech. In your sign match, Pisces is a receptive yin sign and Aquarius is an assertive yang sign.

Aquarius woman and pisces woman compatibility

The low scores indicate a high initial challenge, and not a long term pessimistic view. Pisces is a devoted person; since they have X-ray vision for love, they too don't want to put up with what is false, but since they are unconditional in their love they will accept things that are bad for them, malignant, and terrible. Pisces will be genuinely excited by the potential in Aquarius. The water sign partner will have to be more open to new people and experiences, going with the flow. If one thing fails to go as planned - procrastination, laziness, tearful sessions for many Pisceans , and an attitude of 'I can't do this anymore' sets in; unless miraculously compelled to do the complete opposite. It wouldn't hurt for a Piscean to live a little, stop sweating the small stuff, and think big, instead of worrying about what tomorrow will bring. Some of Aquarius and Scorpio's attraction and misinformation comes from them being fixed signs. Sometimes Pisces can become parental with an Aquarius since it is one house away. The temperaments of these two elements are wildly different. Saturn and Uranus Most people will tell you that associating with one is a pleasure, while others will vouch for an experience that left them clueless and maybe even hurt. He seeks a woman who mirrors his views on life and love. What forces a Piscean to give the cold shoulder, is the Aquarian's 'I-don't-care attitude' after repetitive fights that circle around the same subject - attention, love, and a shoulder to heavily lean on, which the Aquarian thinks of as unrealistic, childish, and even selfish, because of how it can come off as needy and over-possessive. They look on sex as more of a fun activity than as a spiritual or emotional experience. Aquarius is wandering this planet back and forth trying to figure out what is actual and what is the absence of the actual. As with all low scoring matches, it can certainly work well if you're both prepared to compromise in key areas, in this instance however you're far more likely to be okay with that than your Aquarius is, so things are largely out of your control. For Pisces, it would mean the eternal sound of the ocean as a blessing bringing us here. There is always a lot going on, and this tends to be a very flexible and progressive union. Pisces is going to be attracted to Aquarius for this reason. This relationship is motivated by thought and feeling, respectively. Jupiter and Neptune The Piscean is one such zodiac sign that bases everything on feelings; from extreme sadness and joy, to bouts of depression and anger, the Piscean has various shades of color that aren't all pretty in the kaleidoscopic sense. If for your detriment, learn to know where are your limits and when enough is enough. Aquarius Pisces sex This could be the breaking point for your Pisces in this relationship. Aquarius and Pisces make very good friends as well as excellent lovers. Here comes phase 2. Don't let people abuse your love.

Aquarius woman and pisces woman compatibility

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  1. Pisces man seems too caught up in his dreams to have time for love. They try their best to have discernment; it's that discernment that makes them weird because they're looking in spots in this world that most are not.

  2. It's also possible you share some interests, perhaps in a creative or metaphysical direction. It's unlikely to be your style to be that co-dependent early in a relationship.

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