Arunachal pradesh women

Travel here can be gruelling, and a little preparation goes a long way. The hut was raised on bamboo stilts, and I could see pigs living below. Hence as two women, we had our initial apprehensions about travel in the far-flung region. These rings cover the upper part of the body and are an alternative to the use of blouse. However, as far as today's scenario is considered, not many women can be seen sorting this kind of dress. Women working in a field — men are rarely to be seen working in the fields. It did not take long for any pre-conceived stereotypes to disappear. Rise early, pack in your sightseeing, and get an early dinner.

Arunachal pradesh women

Source Men's Clothing Traditionally, Aptani men make a knot of their hair on top of their forehead. Some of their friends provided a background score singing Main baarish kardoon paison ki… from De Dhana Dan, the recent Akshay Kumar — Katrina Kaif flick. Planning the trip Homestays are a great way to experience local culture. But these sights will not stay for long. An old Apatani woman in Hong village: They carried heavy equipment, lay tar, and operated machinery, often with babies tied to their backs. It is a time to pray for a good harvest and communal harmony. Aptani Tribe Women's Clothing Women get a tattoo made which consists of blue stripes which are broad in shape and extend from head to the nose tip with five lined drawn vertically under the lower lip on the chin. This skull cap is made up of laces and fringes. It did not take long for any pre-conceived stereotypes to disappear. Cannot fault her social sensibilities — the Nyishis have practiced polygamy for ages. Flattering, even if all of them were over The younger women go to beauty parlours to get face jobs done, and wear denims and other modern clothing. The walls of an outer room were full of heads and horns of Mithun cows sacrificed by the family over generations; their number is a matter of pride for them. Click here to subscribe. Clothes without accessories are a waste. Children teasing me in Hong village. All house fronts will have symbols — made of leaves and wood or in the form of painted crosses using white rice powder — to keep the spirits away. Traditionally, men would stay in the forests hunting, collecting wood and building houses. A sleeveless shirt along with an upper garment too is worn. Source Women's Clothing Women, on the other hand, wear a petticoat which is intricately woven and is extremely catchy to the eyes. I could not communicate with the lady directly, but she did ask my guide why I was taking so many pictures. A group of six year olds asked me for sweets, but I had none on me. Earrings and silver rings which are intricately designed with beads of various colours are a very popular accessory in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Be well prepared with snacks, water and medicines, as shops and tea stalls are few and far between. The ceremony is called Myokum, and is done for the welfare of the family.

Arunachal pradesh women

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  1. Places like the Ziro valley have emerged as hubs for high standard schools, attracting teachers from across the country, enabling a pursuit of non-agrarian professions for locals. People make hats with cane and bamboo along with beaks and feathers of birds.

  2. Children teasing me in Hong village. But it seems midwives still play an important role in getting these kids into the world; on the road to Kibithu, I saw advertisements offering cash incentives of Rs.

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