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Guitar the Best Instrument to play

Why is Guitar the Best Instrument to Learn Music?

Which musician do you know who doesn’t know how to play guitar? We are sure it’s not many. A guitar is one of the finest devices to express music, and musicians love it.

While it might seem a bit intricate at first, its easy to get mesmerised by it all – and before you know it, you would be in love.

Guitar – Making Learning Music A Lot More Fun

Guitar is one of the best instruments in the world to learn and play. The reasons for its popularity include its portability, flexibility of sounds, and its approach-ability. Guitar is regarded as one of the least intimidating musical instruments to ever learn. In fact, it is among the best instrument you could buy to learn music.

Research has said that by learning just 3 chords on a guitar, that is, a G-chord, a C-chord, and a D-chord, one can play 50 percent of the country and rock songs. If another chord like E-minor is added to the mix, the number goes up to 80 percent. Here are the reasons why a guitar is the best instrument to learn.


The polyphonic best instrument is able to play more than one tone at a time and therefore, can produce brilliant harmonies. The only other instrument capable of this is a piano but a guitar is much cheaper and easier to transport.


This is one flexible instrument out there and can be used to play various styles and genres of music. It is majorly used in rock, jazz, pop, country, funk, and more.


It is easier to play a correct note on a guitar without even looking due to the presence of frets. Therefore, it makes for a much easier instrument to approach and learn.


Its portable and available in different sizes from children to adults. Acoustic guitars don’t even need any additional equipment and are very light in weight. Guitar also doesn’t require a lot of maintenance but only needs to be tuned time and again.

What‘s your reason to buy a guitar?

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