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Only five years later, in July , would Prince Po, his rhyming partner, release his first solo record. Bigg Jus has identified this problem and has concocted the perfect remedy for hip-hop's sickness. Impressed by music at an early age he was encouraged by his family to pursue he dreams. You Must Be Sniffin' 9. In fact, most of the songs showcase a distorted beat sequence, requiring Bigg Jus to constantly alter his lyrical flow. He brings polished writing and recording skills, as well as a wealth of experience in the performing arena.

Big jus

He brings polished writing and recording skills, as well as a wealth of experience in the performing arena. The two would go on to make beautiful hip-hop music, with the classic album Funcrusher Plus, and then dishearten fans with their abrupt but necessary break-up. The instrumental collage is a disjointed, yet adequate adaptation to Jus' rhyme flow. You Must Be Sniffin' 9. An artist with undeniable potential is coming as a career threat to any MC who dare to come test. How he's climbing from underground to mainstream, but pretty soon you'll have to face 'em like reality. The 'black mamba' is a snake with a deadly bite, known to kill a human within four hours if not treated. Moss Pink Coats '99 Plantation Rhymes Southern Hospitality Mix 4. A long way from performing in talent shows his name has been found on bills with many of today's hip-hop faces. Deezil has spent an ample amount of time polishing his skills over the past 13 years. These rhymes are aligned with incredible tracks which have made this an underground classic. Maybe it's his flow that they fear. Black Mamba Serum is a lo-fi excursion through the evils of today's society. Deezil brings an array of skills and experience to the table. Deezil brings the total package to 7 Figure Entertainment. Tweet Whenever any duo breaks up in hip-hop, it's almost mandatory that one member takes the limelight immediately while the other vanishes amongst the shadows until much later. For Bigg Jus, however, the break-up was perhaps the best thing for his musical career. Something BIG is about to happen! Bigg Jus, founder of Subverse Music Records, released some of the most politically and socially analytical music with Company Flow. El-P's involvement in Company Flow had elevated the DefJuxer to uncontrolled stardom, which undeniably took the limelight off Bigg Jus. Black Mamba Serum is a perfect patchwork to what is ailing today's hip-hop culture. Joined with an aggressive label, 7-Figure Entertainment, he released his second indie album 'Heavyweighter'. Recently, Deezil has worked side by side with Sam Sneed on his yet to be released album. Jus grow up in McKeesport, Pa located on the outskirts of Pittsburgh.

Big jus

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  1. The 'serum' is the message that Bigg Jus is conveying on his record, exploiting the world and rendering it naked through his vivid, dramatic eyes.

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