Biological factors in sex crime

Ethology and Sociobiology, 14, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 52, When someone masturbates to fantasies that are deviant, for example, it tends to strengthen their interest or arousal to those unhealthy or inappropriate fantasies, which ultimately may lead to offending. Violent attacks are often precipitated by being treated in ways contrary to one's biological interests. The dominance hierarchy model may also help in understanding some recent physiological research on aggression pertaining to a neurotransmitter: In the case of defensive aggression, the predominant emotion is fear, which can interfere with calm, systematic thought and adversely affect health. The other side of this nepotism coin is that we are liable to aggress against nonkin. How would you explain why people commit sex offenses?

Biological factors in sex crime

Violations of social norms as inducers of aggression. For example, theorists have suggested that insecurely attached persons may want to be emotionally close to others but avoid it out of fear of being rejected or hurt. In many mammals the mother assesses her newborns, and abandons those that appear abnormal. The motivation to attack is aimed at punishing the transgressor; it would be maladaptive if the individual attacked any convenient target. The adaptive value of this type of aggression is obvious; it is said that self-preservation is the first law of nature. These are basic observations about human behavior that hold true everywhere. Only by attacking the transgressor successfully or otherwise restoring equity does systolic blood pressure—the measure of anger used in much of this research—fall. In the sample of male offenders, those subjects who were anxiously attached were found to have more felony convictions. Those individuals who reproduce most successfully are the fittest. Furthermore, the fathers might make little positive contribution due to family instability. Since children need many years to reach maturity and even then continue to associate with their parents, it is not surprising that biparentalism is a human universal. Alamy Brothers of men convicted of sexual offences are five times more likely than average to commit the same types of crimes, scientists have found. But property crime itself often constitutes a form of competition to gain sexual opportunities. How is this goal of identifying species-wide, evolved traits reached? It probably comes as no surprise to you that trying to answer the question about the cause or causes of sex offending behavior has been a lingering issue for researchers and other professionals involved in sex offender management for decades. Cooperation, competition, and altruism in human twinships: This work is protected by copyright and may be linked to without seeking permission. Since human beings have evolved, our behavior must have been guided by the forces of natural selection. Unemployed, unmarried, young men committed a disproportionate number of homicides; these are men of low status rank who are, perhaps, desperate to maintain or enhance their meager social position. These "social conflict" homicides outnumbered those associated wiih committing a property crime by to It may sometimes be more effective to try to alter the form or severity of the aggression, to modify or redirect it, than to try to suppress it entirely. The inner city, the underclass, and public policy. As predicted, these men tended to report that, as children, they had had poor relationships with their mothers: Because of its motivational basis, dominance competition—especially among males—is hard to suppress. And some biological theories suggest that certain individuals may be predisposed toward problematic sexual behaviors because of physiologically or biologically predetermined sexual appetites or sexual preferences. Romantic love conceptualized as an attachment process. Some differential attributes of lethal assaults on small children by stepfathers versus genetic fathers.

Biological factors in sex crime

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  1. For example, defensive aggression is characterized by nonverbal signs of fear and by initial attempts at avoidance or escape.

  2. It also illustrates the interaction of presumably evolved affinities for close kin with experiential factors such as maternal punitiveness, paternal inattentiveness, and family structure.

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