Black men and anal sex

The great down-low debate. For example, for HIV-seropositive gay men, traumatic events, such as the death of a partner, or attributions of negative experiences to self can predict faster CD4 decline and progression of disease. Thirty-two Black men from various socioeconomic backgrounds were surveyed before and after participating in the CTCA program. J Natl Med Assoc. Am I a man?:

Black men and anal sex

Third, we relied on self-reports to assess sexual risk behaviors, although use of audio computer-assisted self-interviews likely reduced underreporting because of social desirability. Accessed July 1, 5. Discordance between sexual behavior and self-reported sexual identity: J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. Double lives on the down low. HIV risk differences between African-American and white men who have sex with men. By exploring these possibilities more deeply, we can increase our understanding of the apparent disparity between behavioral risks and outcomes while at the same time improving the design and implementation of prevention programs that address the specific needs of BMSM. A deeper description of masculinity and gender roles among BMSM is needed. There are 4 possible explanations, which are not mutually exclusive: To solve these problems, researchers must conduct more qualitative research with BMSM in environments that provide a more comfortable atmosphere in which to talk openly about sensitive sexual issues. This experience influenced their health care utilization, communication, and medication adherence behaviors. West J Black Stud. Accessed July 1, 7. On the Down Low: Conceptual and logical issues in theory and research related to black masculinity. Second, identifying with the down low did not always imply having female sex partners. Concurrent infections and HIV pathogenesis. Our assessment of risk behaviors and selection of sexual partners among BMSM needs to take into account distinct meanings of masculinity in relation to race and culture. Findings from our study underscore the limitations of using identity rather than sexual behavior to predict sexual risk. April 16, 6. Meanwhile, BMSM research participants may 1 be unwilling to use certain sexual orientation labels on surveys for fear of discrimination, 2 distrust or fear researchers, 3 fear that confidential information about their sexual behavior will be disclosed, or 4 report what they think researchers want to hear. Second, the men in our sample were predominantly low income and were recruited in metropolitan areas in the Northeast; they may not be representative of Black MSM overall. A secret sex world: Additionally, interventions should be offered in familiar and empowering settings. The great down-low debate. Coming out and AIDS-related high risk sexual behavior.

Black men and anal sex

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  1. Acknowledgments Thanks to Michael Gross, PhD, for his valuable suggestions on revisions to this editorial.

  2. A deeper description of masculinity and gender roles among BMSM is needed. This experience influenced their health care utilization, communication, and medication adherence behaviors.

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