Bunty for girls

But sports and staff start causing divisions between the twins. Jenny is determined to bridge the gap. Runner Beane — Lucy Beane, who lives alone in her caravan, is a promising young athlete who worksas a gardener for Lady Bardsley. They have to get special dispensation from their sect to pursue ice-skating careers. Pauline's unhappy spirit wants Penny to succeed where she had failed.

Bunty for girls

Sam Martyn and Rosie Grant are best friends until Rosie moves away. Miss Merlin — A comic strip about Merlin's daughter. Ali's brother and friends start detective work to track down the culprit. Jo is shocked to see that one of the latest children to fly away is her sister Lucy. Debbie's Debt — Jealous Paula interferes with Debbie's bike. Clara Jones acquires an instant camera that can take photographs that show a prediction about the subject being photographed. But the old enmity is dying hard and the Hanson High pupils are not being friendly to the former Brompton pupils. But Lynn has to win the girl's confidence as the girl seems to be afraid of her. But Vicky and Joanne hate each other, and Meg is caught in the middle. She has to deal with rivalry from their rich neighbours, Timson's Holidays. Her mum is an overweight, stay-at home mother, while her father is a sports fanatic who joked about his "middle-aged" wife. When old Mrs Perkins wrongly accuses Julie Bates of breaking a street light, she puts a curse on her. The Secret Sister — Identical twins Jane and Susie want to attend a prestigious school together, but live with an impoverished aunt who can afford to send only one of them to the school. Pauline's unhappy spirit wants Penny to succeed where she had failed. Her Guardian Angel — When a new charlady comes to work at the home of Charlotte Colwell, the girl becomes strangely drawn to the woman. But Kirsty cannot bring herself to do it, so she is trying to date Damon in secret from Tricia. Her father, Fred, runs the nearby Swannery. Margie the Swimming Marvel — Margie Newfield is a ten-year-old orphan who lives with her brother Fred and his wife Lily. But the Beadle Mr. Maisie Mercury — Maisie the little goddess is in charge of a new wishing well, but there is a rival determined to strip her of her post. Stella and the Swinging Five: Sarah Armstrong's cruel uncle took over her old home after her father died and his current will left everything to the uncle. Gilly of the Flower Garden — The adventures of a girl who works at a garden centre. She wants to be a gymnast and has had to teach herself from a library book as there are no gymnastics facilities available. Shari, an elder from Rana's village, accompanies her to monitor her athletics training.

Bunty for girls

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  1. Wendy's Web — Hannah Matthews discovers that new classmate Wendy is actually an alien planning to kidnap Hannah and her friends for experimentation aboard Wendy's spaceship. Clara Jones acquires an instant camera that can take photographs that show a prediction about the subject being photographed.

  2. Netta had been the top pupil at her school and doesn't give anyone a good reason to like her at her new school. Sandie starts getting selfish over the apparent power of the sweets, especially after the Sweet Dreams are withdrawn and she has to make do with the packet she has.

  3. As male journalists — with little interest in the feature side of girls magazine after all, what would we know about make-up?! Abigail vows to find him and begins a perilous journey across dangerous mountains.

  4. When Nikki Turner and her parents move into a converted railway station, a ghost train starts haunting them.

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