Cancer woman taurus male

There is a real sweetness to this combination that lends itself to watching the sunset and holding hands. For both partners, family is important, and they will probably want to have lots of children. That's not to say he wants to be a controlling jerk though any man from any sign could be such a thing! Cancer women are the helping hand that everyone can depend on in the office. Though he's a romantic and imaginative lover, he's not particularly adventurous or acrobatic. Both Cancer and Taurus are sensitive, emotional signs and the bull is uniquely capable of being her stable rock which keeps her from being at the mercy of crashing waves. Get a psychic reading online to learn more! Cancers should be wary of saying offhanded insults or other hurtful things when moody or upset as their stalwart bull takes everything at face value.

Cancer woman taurus male

Cancer women are highly supportive friends as their drive to mother, comfort, and patch up wounds is treasured by any man sensitive enough to appreciate it, of which Taurus is one. So, it's vital the couple communicates clearly and openly during difficult times. On the other hand, Cancer is not only family oriented, she's extended family and friends as family oriented and if she's spending too much time with family, Taurus' possessive nature can kick in. Taurus as a Lover A Taurus lover has the qualities of rootedness, stamina, and physicality. Though a Taurus man can be extravagant, he also knows that in love, little things mean a lot. When they fall in love, they will rarely find the reason to separate, because of their shared emotional goals for love, understanding, family and the feeling of home. When in balance, this relationship is like a meadow with a cool active stream flowing through it that constantly feeds and restores the meadow's splendor. All they will have to do is fight the devils to keep their relationship alive. One point to watch with this relationship is its tendency to become a little insular. Both signs tend to equate love with accomplishment in these two areas. He's into old-fashioned courting, where the guy asks the girl out, and they do romantic things like candlelight dinners, soft music, dancing, and walks in the park. The Taurus man may not say so directly, but he's a very possessive man and he must feel like his woman is his on every level. Fine dinners and romantic gifts are plentiful in this relationship and the couple will want to spoil each other on special occasions. Read on to learn more about the astrological compatibility between the Taurus man and Cancer woman. All the classic nuances of getting to know a woman over a long period are important to Taurus. Keen is for entertainment purposes only. You can be downright depressing and often for reasons no one around you can come close to understanding. Still, she is also a hard-worker who doesn't buckle under stress. These are certain traits displayed by a Taurus male, nevertheless, he can overcome them. She looks for these same memory building qualities in every potential lover. Each longs for a forever love that will nourish and nurture them for the rest of their lives. He strives to complete everything he starts and is unlikely to chase high-risk offers or off-the-wall ideas. He can contribute to her well-being by tending to her material needs, which makes her feel safe and secure. As an earth and water combination, these two partners go together like the oceans and the land. These two signs share a classic exterior; however, Cancer is a worry wart sign prone to insecurity and anxiety.

Cancer woman taurus male

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Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility - Hot Match

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  1. On the flipside, Taurus' stubborn opposition to change can also create rifts in a relationship that ultimately leads to its downfall.

  2. Both are home bound and their relationship is full of love, devotion, compassion, and admiration for each other.

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