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The alternative is to open an account with what's called a "fiduciary," the local equivalent of Charles Schwab. The real estate market in Panama City has settled noticeably from its boom-time highs of five or six years ago. As much as 50 percent less expensive in Medellin. In the central neighborhoods, you see no litter. Cost of Real Estate:

Chat medellin

You might even call them the retirement haven yin and yang of each other. As I said, Medellin is impressively green, with trees, plants and small gardens everywhere. Which city might make more sense for you? The effect, again, is calming, peaceful. Certainly, I wouldn't take Colombia off my list for fear of a complicated struggle related to becoming a resident. In Medellin, you rarely hear the honking of a car horn, not by a taxi driver and not by anyone else either. Most every structure in Medellin is of red brick, topped with a red clay tile roof and surrounded by foliage and flowers. It's a tie, more or less, depending on the relative strength of the Colombian peso. Touching down in Medellin, your heart slows a bit, your mind settles. Panama is one of the easiest places in the world for a foreigner to establish full-time legal residency, especially if he comes from one of the countries included in the new "Friends of Panama" visa program. Your ideal place to retire overseas depends entirely on what you're looking for. Note, however, that if you're a retiree making a move with retirement income, you probably don't have to care about this. Again, it depends entirely on what you're looking for. However, Colombia is also a very straightforward option in this regard. The minimum investment requirement in each case can be less than for comparable options in Panama. They can't abide sitting still or even slowing down and tend to run traffic lights and ignore things like "Stop" signs. In Colombia, someone whose income is in dollars faces an exchange risk. They honk their horns constantly. Panama is the screaming champion on this score, a true tax haven, while Colombia qualifies as a high-tax jurisdiction. The long stretch of parkland along the bay known as the Cinta Costera has dramatically changed the face of Panama City for the better and is being expanded. Arriving in Panama City, you recognize instantly that this town is open for business, pushing for growth and both embracing and chasing prosperity. They also tend to be unhelpful, even rude. Panama is one of the world's most welcoming countries when it comes to establishing residency. In Medellin, the taxi drivers, like their city, are gentler and calmer, happy to stop to offer directions or even to chat. Panama City Versus Medellin: Medellin is more an emerging expat destination, though it is more discovered and therefore easier to navigate as an expat or foreign retiree all the time.

Chat medellin

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  1. In Medellin, the taxi drivers, like their city, are gentler and calmer, happy to stop to offer directions or even to chat. The downside is that transaction fees can be high.

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