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With almost no interruptions, I made good progress and got a lot of dead issues filed and got the others organized for tomorrow I have been redirecting Customs deposits to the one commercial bank in town in order to finance a heavy volume of payments. A number of the staff actually fasted and asked if they could come skip lunch and leave an hour earlier. Practice speaking using voice chat. The effect of the first light snow on the view from my apartment. In short, you have everything you need to find and practice with your Prishtina language exchange partners.

Chat prishtina

Kimeta's dress was a one-night loan from a relative that owns a woman's boutique. As it is treated here, it is the biggest food day of the year. When I returned to the CFA, Smile was in the lobby, he told me that we had agreed last night to meet at 10 AM so he had waited 50 minutes for me. At 2 PM today I got a call from my contact at the commercial bank that the expected shipment of Customs cash intended for them was sitting outside the BPK. The Kosovar asked God when Kosovo would be independent and then God wept. I did get one joke translated: They wanted to go early, I preferred to go late but I was out-voted and we met in the registration area at 9 PM. Every family has big meals in the middle of the day and it is a major day of celebration. To view all registered Prishtina language exchange members, please click here. A number of the staff actually fasted and asked if they could come skip lunch and leave an hour earlier. The band was playing and playing much to loud for my taste -- but I know that would be the case before I bought the tickets. I nice quiet way to pass a Christmas. The activities are fun so you can easily "break the ice" with your new learning partner and get effective practice. He will be going to the Grand for the evening. Kimeta had sprayed her shoulders and hair with glitter so she sparkled in two senses. By today these explosions were coming from all over the city and sounded like an army wandering around and firing aimlessly into the air. Perhaps part of that spirit is the fact that Ramadan, the Moslem month of penance and fasting during the daytime ends the day after Christmas. Smile even accompanied me home in the cab to be sure that nothing happened to me. This significantly reduces the amount of cash walking around Prishtina which is a major security issue. The rest of the evening consisted of seven courses of very indifferent food, as much Slovakian beer as I cared to drink and I did care to drink a lot , line dancing more than one dance went on for longer than 20 minutes , and some singing from a talented man who Smile assured me was excellent. I also noticed the same kind of strap on another woman at the party. This got a grim chuckle from the crowd. Not only is Kosovo a former Communist place but it is mostly Moslem so I was surprised by the amount of Christmas decoration that was about, at least in Prishtina. The American asked God when we would have a base on the moon and God said, "In years. Smile and Kimeta arrived precisely on time they got a nephew to drive them and we went into the festively decorated dining room. The day after the end of Ramadan is called Bajram or Eating.

Chat prishtina

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