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In addition Robert took care of our personal gear and stored it for us since we were not able to make the trip up from over miles away. She received prayer and she could feel and see as her left leg grew out. He dislocated his shoulder recently while playing sports and suffered from pain ever since. He had about a level 7 or 8 pain when he came in. She came in with pain and scar tissue in her wrist from doing a hand-stand in the past. Pain medication only masked the issue and caused him to feel like he was in a constant fog.

Christian redding

He finally went to Sweden to see a specialist. After prayer, he was able to do a full lunge on the floor with no problem. This caused his lungs to have reduced capacity. In an exam, a doctor commented on how unusually large they were. Upon arriving at the Healing Rooms, her pain level was a In a former visit, she came in with problems with an autoimmune disease, which she had for 20 years and experienced a vision of Jesus taking the disease, and she has had no symptoms since then. Today after prayer, a ministry team member tested his hearing from about 50 feet away, and he could hear her. He could not stretch his arm out without feeling intense pain at a level 8 or 9. He also made a conscious decision to throw the tobacco he did have away, knowing he had received prayer and trusting he was free. She asked for the gift of tongues as well and received prayer for the baptism of the Spirit. When she was in the Encounter Room, she touched her knee and there was no weird feeling anymore! November 25, Daniel from Kirkland, WA Daniel has had limited mobility in his arm for nine months caused by a partially torn rotator cuff. We also have a storage unit at Dry Dock and keep our ski boat there. She saw a peace going up and down her body. You are very dedicated to your job and marketing ability". After that, the pain went down to less than level 1. Denial of one or more of these essential doctrines would compromise the religion. Within a couple of minutes, they tested it by having her look at a white piece of paper. The tension pain from her shoulder disappeared as well! The person leading the hallway heard the Lord tell him to ask if anyone wanted to be taller. She was not aware at the time that there were Healing Rooms at Bethel. He gave his testimony without his hearing aids! He received what sounded like a simple prayer, and he felt a tingle down his back and was completely healed! Also, level 5 knee pain that she had had for about a week, which would flare up when she went upstairs, went away after prayer. As soon as she began receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms, her pain went to 0, the cracking and the popping stopped, and the swelling began to go down.

Christian redding

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  1. While receiving prayer, she felt heat and then the pain was completely gone. When Scott came to the Healing Rooms he had neck pain, and by the time he left all the pain was gone and he had full mobility.

  2. She went to a physical therapist but the muscle was not the same on that side as the other.

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