Colombiana girl

And, after seeing the movie, we all still think Colombians are okay, no matter what they say about them! There is a certain ignorance about Colombians that is very prominent in the United States in which an entire people are once again seen as violent, crime prone members of drug cartels. I halfway believe it is possible. This would be consistent with the old myth about the racelessness of Colombia and other areas of Latin America. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. This sleekly beautiful killing machine mows down numerous macho opponents in the primal revenge drama "Colombiana. I remember falling in love with her in her graceful film debut in the movie, Center Stage.

Colombiana girl

C "Colombiana" PG is now playing at area theaters. Let me end by saying something a little more sociological. There are strong sensitivities in Colombian and other Latino communities about being stereotyped in harmful ways, especially with the current anti-immigrant and anti-Latino sentiment that exists in many sectors of American society. But I was troubled by the criticism from the Colombian community that her latest film stereotyped Colombians as violent criminals. Was this review helpful to you? So this racial dimension in the film may not be obvious to the audience but anyone aware of the rising consciousness of the Afro-Colombian community will probably be a little taken aback. I still would recommend seeing the movie as its not bad-bad and there are some cool kill scenes, but I wouldn't qualify it as a must-see. Zoe does a heroic job of pulling off a credible performance remember, she can do no wrong for me , but the writing is at too many points inane and much of the material is crassly derivative. The truth is that, ultimately, the people being stereotyped by a movie like Colombiana are not Colombians but the filmmakers themselves. She climbs and jumps from high heights. I have been to Colombia more than a few times, so this seemed odd to me, but maybe that is because when I visit Colombia the Afro-Colombian community hosts me with the one exception when the government of Colombia was my gracious host. The enterprising girl manages to evade government authorities and travel alone to the United States, where she goes to live with a drug-dealing uncle in Chicago. She also takes a shower nothing sensitive shown. What's disappointing is that "Colombiana" initially seems like it may develop into something more than a violent exercise. He knows this because he is married to a Colombiana. Is this Henry Louis Gates, Jr. For the original report go to http: And then almost a decade later she was starring in the mega hit, Avatar. As I sat before my computer at home in Brooklyn, New York awaiting certain destruction with the advent of Hurricane Irene, I decided to devote what could be one of my few remaining days by joining the exclusively obscure and gloriously pointless Boricua Film Club to see Zoe Saldana in her controversial new film, Colombiana. The clumsy writing results in provoking unintentional laughter. And, if the viewer has a sociological imagination, they would see that racial dimension as something missing from the film. Actually Death at a Funeral was a goof. There is the rise in anti-Latino bias attacks being reported to the federal government and all sorts of anti-immigrant laws and ordinances being promulgated throughout the country, including a growing hate speech on the radio and other media resulting in killings of and other serious harms to Latinos and their families. It's too bad they couldn't place Zoe and her character into a better storyline and provide her with stronger support. It is clear that referring to Colombians in the United States has become shorthand for drug cartels, violence, crime and gangs. However, the biggest stereotype is of the filmmakers. In fact, the movie's initially serious tone eventually gives way to the lighter tone one expects from a live-action cartoon in which the violence is choreographed to provoke laughter.

Colombiana girl

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