In the French version "contre la torture" and "contre la guerre" mean "against torture" and "against the war" respectively. Who is the data controller? According to the government, the guerrillas delayed turning over the corpses to let decomposition hide evidence of how they died. In , UP candidates won local council seats, 23 deputy positions in departmental assemblies, 9 seats in the House, and 6 seats in the Senate. You can — at any time — check, modify or revoke your consent for the data processing purposes as set out in a and b. He said Colombia was still in a fight "against terrorist actions" but was open to reconciliation.


In a single large landholder had over UP members murdered. How long will we store your Data for? By , increased income from the "coca boom" allowed them to expand into an irregular army, which would then stage large-scale attacks on Colombian troops. In his thesis, Labrousse asserts that the FARC-EP leadership, like that of the Taliban, explicitly bans the use of drugs by its membership and within the local population, but vigorously advocates for legalization of drug trafficking as a tool to finance its military objectives. The negotiation process was broken off in after no agreement was reached. Right to data portability You have the right to obtain a copy of the personal data we have regarding you in a well-structured, intuitive format that can be viewed on an automatic device. The Red Cross also reported that the deputies had been killed by multiple close-range shots, many of them in the back of the victims, and even two by shots to the head. According to her, the purpose of the protests was to promote " Uribe's policy of perpetuating Colombia's decades-long civil war. A hour respite that had been previously agreed to with the rebel group was not respected as the government argued that it had already been granted during an earlier crisis in January, when most of the more prominent FARC-EP commanders had apparently left the demilitarised zone. In any case, this kind of profiling activity shall not have any legal consequences on you, nor will it have a significant effect on you personally. As regards the Natuzzi Community, your Data will not be stored for processing for longer than the time necessary to manage your participation in the Natuzzi Community. The PCC began establishing "peasant leagues" in rural areas and "popular fronts" in urban areas, calling for improved living and working conditions, education, and rights for the working class. They could have spent up to 20 years in gaol if the allegations were proved. Right to limit data processing You have the right to obtain the limitation of data processing in the following scenarios: After the failed attacks, several army outposts were set up in the area. Betancourt was rescued by the Colombian government on 2 July see Operation Jaque below. This resulted in the La Uribe Agreement, which called for a cease-fire , which ended up lasting from to More specifically, we may gather the following types of data: He survived after previously being punished for insubordination and was held in chains nearby but separated from the rest of the group. That decision was reversed after an appeal by the Attorney General of Colombia and they were sentenced to year terms. For administrative purposes, we may communicate your Data to our service suppliers e. Among other policy recommendations the US team advised that "to shield the interests of both Colombian and US authorities against 'interventionist' charges any special aid given for internal security was to be sterile and covert in nature". You also have the right to pass this data to another data controller without the consent of the data controller that supplied you with it, in the event that: Right of cancellation The have the right to obtain — without undue delay — the cancellation of personal data regarding you for any of the following reasons: The data controller is Natuzzi S. The Red Cross said the two were released in good health.


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