Cougars in saskatchewan

Cougars are very protective of their young and their territories. Landowners do have the right in Saskatchewan to kill any predator, including wolves, bears and cougars, on their own land if the animal is posing an immediate threat to their family, property or livestock. Conservation officers will continue to investigate all incidents where public safety is at risk and will now respond in one or more of the following ways: Some domestic animal attacks get blamed on cougars even though they had no involvement. They are active at night and in the early mornings and tend not to travel in broad daylight. On behalf of each of us, I hope that you had a great holiday season and that you have a safe and happy People have to learn to do the same thing with cougars. If it is at a distance then it should just keep moving on. The crop insurance adjuster will contact a conservation officer to meet on site for the claim and to look at the kill site to determine the cause of death.

Cougars in saskatchewan

This means that just because one sees a cougar, he or she cannot simply shoot it because it is near the house or might be a problem later. Contrary to what some believe, cougars cannot roar like other big cats. For many years, Officer Leko contributed a column to local papers on a variety of issues related to hunting, fishing, and other resource-related issues. Because travellers anticipate bears to be around, they behave differently and take precautions in outdoor activities. Conservation officers will continue to investigate all incidents where public safety is at risk and will now respond in one or more of the following ways: In addition, the ministry will issue permits to rural municipalities that are experiencing ongoing concerns with cougars to bring in an approved specialist to deal with specific human-wildlife conflicts. There will be no claw marks as they are retracted when they walk. There will also be an M-shaped heel pad with two lobes at the top or leading edge, and three lobes at the base. Some domestic animal attacks get blamed on cougars even though they had no involvement. Cougars are protected in Saskatchewan and all cougar kills are investigated. We would like to come out and investigate it to either confirm or quash the sighting in hopes of avoiding panic in the area. If you have questions, please contact lindsey. Please remember to report all cougar sightings to your local officer as well. Many times other predators like coyotes, bears, wolves or even pet dogs are the ones responsible for the attack. Once people have a better understanding of cougar behaviour and how to react when seeing one, they will be that much more comfortable when in cougar territory. Thank you to the RCMP officers who assisted with injured animal calls that a conservation officer was unable to get to, the highway workers for picking up these animals off the road, and to the vets and wildlife rehabilitators who assessed and treated injured animals brought to them by the public. If you have any questions or concerns about cougars in your part of the province, please contact your local conservation officer. The specialist will come in and evaluate the situation and then make suggestions to the producer and attempt to remove the predator. Cougars are evasive, secretive and wary of humans, and they typically avoid human activity. I would also like to remind everyone that conservation officers are only a part of a bigger team including biologists, dispatch operators and our very helpful customer support staff who assist you at our offices. At this point, re-locating a problem animal is simply moving the problem from one area to another. Cougar tracks show four toes on both the front and hind paws. More information about human-wildlife conflict is available at www. Is there any truth to the rumour that cougars were intentionally released into Saskatchewan? They must report it to a conservation officer to ensure that accurate harvest records are maintained and biological samples can be acquired.

Cougars in saskatchewan

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  1. Problems arise when the animal becomes comfortable around humans. When any predator is suspected of killing livestock, producers should contact the nearest Saskatchewan Crop Insurance office to report the incident.

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