Cougars in west virginia

I hope these cats will continue to call our acres of uninhabited forests their home. Mating is brief and occurs when females are receptive, which begins at about two years of age and may take place at any time during the year. I immediately became excited. I am not sure who made it back to the car first, me or my friend, but I bet I beat him! Tom Hahn Webmaster's Note! Big domestic feral cats are out there and this sightings may actually be sightings of a feral cat with kittens and they are one of the top threats to West Virginia wildlife, so live trap them and have them taken to a shelter and don't forget Feral cats and kittens can hurt you if you are not careful. I try to make the most careful observations that I can - by training and habit. And it was definitely a mountain lion. But if a small eastern breeding population does endure today, it would have survived in spite of past efforts by our species to exterminate them.

Cougars in west virginia

But he does say the track is characteristic of cat. He said it was about four to five inches across, much bigger than dog tracks nearby. This Article was written by Craig W. In Randolph County , for example, bounties were paid on 73 panthers between and One neighbor, who works at a nearby conservation center, dismissed it entirely: We both turned to look and I could not believe my eyes. Although there are still sightings of mountain lions in the Mountain State, the source of these animals is difficult to determine. Please let me know what I can do. Fish and Wildlife Service analyzed a dropping found in Vermont as having cougar hair, presumably ingested during self-grooming. But if a small eastern breeding population does endure today, it would have survived in spite of past efforts by our species to exterminate them. A surveyor photographed a track right in a field only one mile east of Shenandoah National Park. I saw her again in camp one night she jumped out of a tree a few feet from me. Adult cougars kill an average of about one deer every seven to ten days. It was very graceful in its movements. However, people in remote parts of the Appalachians continued to occasionally report them. After a few minutes I heard something land on the forest service road below us. In March , the U. But we are positive that we saw a mountain lion. I believe some of these cats are surviving members of the eastern subspecies and all cougar in the eastern United States should be protected by federal law. Then I see it's Face. And it was definitely a mountain lion. Maintain eye contact and stand tall, looking big and speaking firmly. Speak loudly but calmly. Our community in this county is called Porto Rico and we a-but the I. Without physical evidence, photos or expert confirmation, most reports are viewed with skepticism by forest ranger. Past Appalachian camera studies managed by scientists revealed nothing in the cougar department.

Cougars in west virginia

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West Virginia Mountain Lion?

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  1. I've seen them twice more on our farm, one neighbor saw one right outside her backdoor, and they've been seen crossing the road, slinking across fields, etc.

  2. Anyways the cat had rum across the road from the left and went off the road on our right.

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