Cusp zodiac compatibility

Aries-Taurus cuspers are quite a force to be reckoned with. What works great for this pair is the fact that each can provide what the other desires. Nonetheless, you will also have some traits coming from the other zodiac sign, as well, making you a cusp in the true sense of the word. The traits that these cusps possess fail to be compatible with even themselves, arising a constant inner conflict in their minds. Leo-Virgo August 21th- 25th Here have a blend of lightheartedness and a more serious side. Either take the lead or be highly adaptable, but never just stagnate in the middle, or complain about circumstances with these cusp folks.

Cusp zodiac compatibility

You fall in love blatantly. We can't say that Librans are "tameable" in the true sense of the word. The tendency of mood swings and swimming away to the world of dreams and fantasies can create a little problem. You fall in love uniquely. If you are born at the beginning of this period, say, April 19, your dominant sign is Aries. These folks have high standards, a strong work ethic, and a serious nature. Aquarius-Pisces cusp signers fall in love like no one else. This makes for an exciting and somewhat unpredictable lover. Speaking of the air signs, Aquarius and Gemini, they appreciate their eccentricity and freedom quite a lot, and trying to control them, which this cusp would, will only drift them further away. Aries is a fire sign and Taurus belongs to the earth element. They add fun, wit, and a fresh perspective. As these cusps are influenced with the impulsiveness of Mars and the passion of Venus, the diplomatic and reasoning abilities of Mercury the planet that rules Virgo would do well to handle and unify the opposing energies that lie within these cuspians. They need someone whom they can take care of, with the ultimate control in their own hands, and a Piscean would not mind that at all. Scorpio-Sagittarius November 19th — 24th Well this is an exciting and interesting mix! Even for males, especially if Taurus is the predominant sign of the two, a Cancer female would provide just the right amount of love, care, romance, and a cozy home to come back to. Nonetheless, what should be kept in mind is what side of the two zodiacs tend to dominate the individual? Therefore, no matter how changeable, dominant, demanding, flustered, caring, intuitive, jealous, or unruly Aries-Taurus' tend to be, a Pisces will 'always' understand. To woo them, a luxe vacation to an intellectually stimulating or spiritual location would be a big one! The Aries-Taurus cusp dates are generally regarded as 'April 19 to 23'. What this cusp needs is more of earth, and that too the same bull-owned earth, because a part of this cusp has the very same nurturing energy. Not only are you full of liveliness and unfiltered joy, but you also carry with you a strong warmth that spreads effortlessly towards others. Hence, the best match for Aries-Taurus cusp comes down to the signs mentioned above. AstrologyBay explains what zodiac signs are compatible with Aries-Taurus cusps, and more. She is also a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. They combine the seer with the hard-working manifestor who can make it all happen!

Cusp zodiac compatibility

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Cusp of Aquarius and Pisces - LOVE LIFE

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  1. When they find their right balance, the Cancer-Leo cusp can be the most fun and devoted of lovers!

  2. On the other hand, the jealousy, possessiveness, and vengeful attitude of the Scorpio will be too much for this cusp to handle.

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