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We recognise how important it is to form support networks, particularly with female peers, given there are fewer women in senior technology roles. Prices in the US stock market experienced free fall over a period of minutes. The good news is that, as the volume of data has multiplied, the technologies for capturing, analysing and storing information have become more powerful - and less costly. Check out Asher Statistics Manifesto. Research suggests that a small increase in price can bring a Our Global Economic Crime Survey shows the scale of the problem:

Data blog

The study suggested a number of reasons for the low take-up of technology jobs by women, By Jon Cooke Data lakes, as I said in my previous blog, are the latest buzz word in analytics. Big data comes in different ways and can be divided in structured data and unstructured data. Personally, I view the term as a bit of a misnomer, it is after all just data. The proliferation of data also represents a potential treasure trove of opportunity for companies seeking new sources of revenue and competitive advantages. Present Statistical analysis in reflections on honesty, signaling, disagreement, forecasting and the far future. Information is Beautiful , by Independent data journalist and information designer David McCandless who is also the author of his book 'Information is Beautiful'. By Jonathan Watters Businesses have never had more access to data — and that brings enormous problems as well as benefits. For many companies, unfortunately, emerging risks tied to data usage have been an afterthought. Where personal data is not treated correctly, individuals will have increased rights to legal recourse and can, in some instances, claim compensation. Research suggests that a small increase in price can bring a Our Global Economic Crime Survey shows the scale of the problem: It has to be easily understood, and it has to be easy to read and decipher. Kaggle blog "No Free Hunch" , covering Kaggle data science and machine learning competitions Large Scale ML and other Animals , by Danny Bickson, started the GraphLab, an award winning large scale open source project Lazy Programmer , on the latest in big data, data science, and coding for startups. And how we collectively respond will have profound implications for future generations. The company was given six months to complete the review, which would mean processing, checking and if necessary remediating 5, case files, each one of which had many supporting documents. However, these new models are more difficult to explain to both brokers and to customers especially when these more sophisticated models suggest significant changes compared to the expiring prices , and there is a degree of resistance to what might be viewed as a black box technology by management and marketing teams. Rapid developments in data analytics and machine learning will make TM far more efficient in the very near future — but banks need to get their existing systems in order first. While I warned about jumping into the world of data lakes without thinking carefully about what you want to achieve, I do believe that these data depositories are the long-term future. Big data can give us great insights into aid effectiveness and development projects, but it also comes with its own challenges. At its core, blockchain enables the sharing of data across boundaries. The new challenges we face today is the sheer volume and variety of data which is increasing exponentially; a wealth of data is being generated by the increasing number of devices we interact with on a daily basis — from our mobile phones to the Internet of Things IoT - all of which provide high volume, mix-structured information on a real-time basis. Learning Lover on programming, algorithms with some flashcards for learning. A blog about all things data: The main theme of our discussion was advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and how regulatory developments, and compliance costs are influencing the rapid adoption of these technologies. The Data Doghouse on business and technology of performance management, business intelligence and data warehousing. Hyndsight by Rob Hyndman, on forecasting, data visualization and functional data.

Data blog

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DATA blog

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  1. In this one we venture into the area of analytics performed by data engineers, business analysts and auditors in the internal audit and compliance functions.

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