Either life continued in the halls of the gods, Valhalla or there was continuation of life within the grave-mound. He was confronted by the Nerevarine in 3E , although accounts vary as to how he met his end. The belief in the existence of draugr is very old. It's speculated that these undead followers would have been indistinguishable from the living when the barrows were new. The notable difference between the two was that the haugbui is unable to leave its grave site and only attacks those who trespass upon their territory.


The local Nords mistakenly believe that the draugr were cursed with undeath for serving the dragons. An ingredient called gravetar can be extracted from defeated draugr, and can be used in alchemy. In legends, the hero would often have to wrestle the draugr back to his grave, thereby defeating him, since weapons would do no good. Tradition also held that the coffin should be lifted and lowered in three different directions as it was carried from the house to confuse a possible draugr's sense of direction. She completes the speculation by saying that, in that case, it was the thousands of years underground, performing the ritual, that gave the Draugr an undead appearance; and that if one were to visit a barrow directly after its construction, they might not have even known any of its inhabitants were dead. The draugr's motivation was primarily jealousy and greed. Draugar also brought disease to a village and could create temporary darkness in daylight hours. For example, on the Karlevi Runestone that was placed on top of a burial mound, there is an inscription that says: Through necromantic rituals he turned himself into a draugr so that he could eternally protect the island from a group of Frost Atronachs who planned to take it for themselves. Greed causes it to viciously attack any would-be grave robbers, but the draugr also expresses an innate jealousy of the living stemming from a longing for the things of life which it once had. The oxen which had been used to haul Thorolf's body were ridden to death by demons, and every single beast that came near his grave went raving mad and howled itself to death. They are the most frequent enemies especially they roam mostly in Midgard and other realms except in Helheim. He wrought such havoc that some people fainted at the sight of him, while others went out of their minds". These Draugr's are not dangerous in single combat but can cause problems in groups. Thorolf of Eyrbyggja saga was "uncorrupted, and with an ugly look about him… swollen to the size of an ox," and his body was so heavy that it could not be raised without levers. One by one, they are summoned to the door-doom and given judgment and forced out of the home by this legal method. He retained the ability to communicate. Ola, with great presence of mind and great bravery it might not be amiss to state that he already had done some drinking , tiptoed up behind the draugr and struck him sharply in the small of the back, so that he went flying out through the window, with sparks hissing around him as he hit the water. They were once a tribe similar to the Skaal. The reason for this may be that the fishermen often drowned in great numbers, and the stories of restless dead coming in from sea were more common up north than anywhere else in the country. Sometimes, draugar could come in large groups to attack a settlement, but not everyone draugr had interest in terrorizing humans. Their soft tissues are severely decomposed, and their armor does little to conceal the fact that much of their flesh is rotting away, exposing the underlying skeletal structure. Types of Draugr Edit Draugr's come in a variety of different classes Draugr: Combat Strategies[ edit ] Eliminate weaker types before fighting the stronger ones. The home was then purified with holy water to ensure that they never came back.


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