Erbil ankawa

On arrival in Erbil, they had little but the clothes they came in. We would like to live in Peace too. By far my favourite was St. Mr Abdullah, a member of the local home guard, was on duty when the mortar hit on Wednesday morning. They are less interested in the two bombs that Washington finally dropped on the Islamic State on Friday, regarding them as too little, too late. The mortars landed all Wednesday, and families began to pack up and leave. Shortly after that again, a ticker tape notice on the satellite news channels flashed a warning, said one resident, Wissam Isaac. The promised attack on Baghdad never materialised, either. The spire in Ainkawa in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Erbil ankawa

Join 15, Monthly Readers! Today, ethnic cleansing has a feeling of permanence. We would like to live in Peace too. While backpacking in Erbil , I headed out to the suburb of Ainkawa. This is in Ainkawa in Kurdistan. Christians live here in harmony and have done for years. Here are some of the things I noticed and enjoyed in Ainkawa, Kurdistan, Iraq. You can relax here knowing you are safe yet officially in Iraq. They said they would save us. The refugees plead for help from the West, but when it is offered, they react with an angry despair. The town has no more electricity. They are going to kill us. So if you end up in Iraq, in Kurdistan, in Erbil, be sure to check out the suburb of Ainkawa. The city has a lot of new skyscrapers being built and Ainkawa has a range of swanky, up market hotels! If you are coming from Erbil Entering Ainkawa turn the 1st road right and then turn the 4rd road left you will find us after around m on the left hand side. Ainkawa is littered with a string of off licences along the main street, meaning you can pick up all kinds of alcoholic products here. The ticker said the Kurdish army, the Peshmerga, on whom the residents had been relying for their defence, was withdrawing. But now international travel has given the Christians more options. They have a full range. The promised attack on Baghdad never materialised, either. When you travel in the Middle East you get used to Mosques. The roads were chaotic, jammed, and blocked by Kurdish checkpoints trying to control the flow of refugees and to prevent jihadists coming through into their territory under their cover. The residents of Qaraqosh had feared they were next in line, but even so, events happened faster than they expected. In that case, they were beaten back, or at least did not press their assault. It has been Christian since the earliest years of the faith.

Erbil ankawa

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  1. Several spoke of having their savings, their gold jewellery, even their cars, taken before they were allowed to leave by the Islamic State checkpoints. Whatever the reasoning, the withdrawal gave the residents little choice.

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