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He died at Benton, New York on April 14, In he performed duties as aforementioned. In the fall of , he marched again under Captain King to Fort Hunter. He was born a son of Jacob Schafer. House of Representatives for compensation for his services in the Revolutionary War. He states that while at the Middle Schoharie he was engaged in skirmishes with Loyal Indians at Brackabin and Harpersfield.

Escort fort collins

In December or or January of , he took part in the capture of a spy between Johnstown and Albany, who was then tried and executed. He fought in the Battle of Newton on the Chemung River. John states that he was engaged in the Battle of Stone Arabia. On September 20, he received from the Tryon County Committee of Safety Chairman, John Frey, a receipt for the delivery of three wagon loads of lead he had carried from Albany for the use of Tryon County. Abijah Holmez states he has often heard his father, Peter Holmez, speak of witnessing Isaac's enlistment and of his serving alongside Isaac in the war. He was born on November 23, Christopher, Junior, states his wife, was born on November 29, in Palatine Township, Montgomery County, New York and that Nancy had a sister named Mary Sutts who was born in the fall of , but had died in 17th or 18th year of life. He states that he assisted in building a new fort on top of Mount Independence. He was ordered out in to disarm Sir John Johnson. Sir you are herby ordered to Send one of your Serjeants to Adam Young and Demand the ten pound find, and if not payd imediately you make distress of any of his goods as much as the amount , and to [p ] defray the Cost for Saide distress without any delay by order of the Comittee Wm Petry Chairman Oneida County Historical Society KEL. His widow states that he was once taken ill while in the service and that she went with Jacob's father to bring him home. He fought in the Battle of Trenton. At the time the American troops overtook Butler and his men, they were engaged in killing the Cattle of the inhabitants and some of them were Cooking victuals when the Americans announced their arrival by sending among them Some grape Shot when the action Commenced. He was captured by the British in the Battle of Oriskany and held until the war's close. In August of , he volunteered to serve as a Ranger under the command of Captain White, but he did so on horseback due to his lameness. In he volunteered to serve in Captain Samuel Gray's Company of Batteaumen for a few months and assisted in carrying boats to the head of Lake Otsego. It is noted in the mortgage that the said lot begins at the southernmost corner of the Rutger Bleeker Patent and adjoins the starting point of the Alexander Colden Patent. He was age 33 when first pensioned on September 20, for a wound he received to his left arm in the Battle of Johnstown. He died on February 17, His file contains a deposition by William Tailor. He died in Garrad County, Kentucky on February 11, Jacob Pulver states that he served at Fort Stanwix along with Sharts. His file also contains a deposition by Mary Hodges. Peter also states that his brother Christopher W. He was born at Granville, Massachusetts in Catharine states she was living at Canajoharie when she first met John and remembers seeing him performing duties within Fort Dayton.

Escort fort collins

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  1. In October of he fought in the Battle of Johnstown. Interestingly, he states that they took twelve hostages and sent them Albany in order to assure the good behavior of Sir John.

  2. This tract of land Burnetsfield lands began at the corner of Lot 13 and had a corner which was noted to be located at the upper end of the Little Falls.

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