Farewell to boss quotes

The value you have added to my career with your inspirational guidance is actually priceless. Thanks for being a manager and mentor who cares so much for his employees! Other bosses give targets, you gave us a vision. You indeed are the reason why all of us here in the company turns to be hardworking and gained dedication towards our work each day. Even though your boss is no longer your boss anymore now, we hope that these farewell quotes for boss will help you build a bridge of connection with him and help you rock your future career. I would like to express my gratitude to you for being a role model and an inspiration. I have learned so many great things from you since day one. Thank you for being the friendly and open-minded boss that you are.

Farewell to boss quotes

I feel very grateful to have a boss who appreciates and values her employees. Thanks for teaching me so much. It is beneficial to remind your boss how much his presence will be missed. Thank you sir for your supreme guidance and support. Thank you for being the friendly and open-minded boss that you are. The cause it hurts so a lot to separate is simply because our souls are connected. Because you are the best boss there could ever have been. Thank you for believing in me! Drinks on me tonight! Having you as my boss has brought the best in me alive. Wish you a grand success on your next journey. Leaders must possess strong convictions ad work ethic that drives plans and maintains focus. Hope the path ahead is smooth for you and you reach your goal without a fuss. Thanks for being a manager and mentor who cares so much for his employees! But since you are a good boss; you never let me down instead you helped me get things better. A goodbye is not painful unless you are never ever going to say hello again. Thanks for being a great leader! I feel confident that I will do a good job because you have been an excellent example for me. I really appreciate everything you have taught me! Thanks again for everything. Thanks for being an amazing manager! Accept my heartfelt gratitude! Thank you so much for having faith in me and my abilities — I know I will continue to learn from your example. This company has been my pottery wheel, you have been the potter and I have been a pot in the making. This raise means so much to me — it shows that you have faith in my abilities and are confident in my role at this company. Your leadership and words of encouragement mean a lot to me.

Farewell to boss quotes

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