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So how does one lower their testosterone in order to increase body fat? So stay up late, watch more episodes of your favourite TV series and aim for a few hours of light sleep. Plus, resistance training causes a hormonal cascade of events that are not supportive of fat gain. If there's wine around so much the better, your feedee is sure to give in to their bellies desire after a glass or two, and you can always take a bottle with you as a present for your hosts. You may have seen people wearing fancy Blue light blocking glasses avoid these. Stay away from fresh whole foods.

Feedee tips

So how do we induce leptin resistance? If that is the case, and your goal is lower body levels and increased health then you now know what you should change. You'll find these in supermarkets all around the world. Temptation is everywhere at this time of year, from office party buffets laden with sandwiches, crisps and cakes, to family dinners with roast turkey, mince pies and Christmas pudding with cream and brandy butter. So what does feederism actually involve? I also run events which cater towards fat people going out and having a good night out. This guy has his cardio dialed in for optimal fat gain! Sleep has a huge impact on the fat gain or loss. It may be an idea to ask for some larger clothes in your Christmas list, you may surprise yourself by how much weight you put on especially if you are actively gaining. Eat More Trans Fats Trans fats are man-made fatty acids that are associated with various health issues and fat gain. Your sleep is disrupted. So the longer you sit, the less fat you burn and the hungrier you become! Even if you are not hungry. Butter, the mother of all beautiful soft guts Yes, if it swims in butter, it surely will make you fat in a big way. Everything tastes much richer and better with a little more fat. Have a read through the article I mentioned above as a start. You need to minimise any temptation or peer pressure to eat 'healthy' or exercise. You can't let the body have it's way if you want to become obese. Well firstly, don't join The Program as I walk you through exactly what you need to be doing to resolve leptin resistance. International travel is a great way to achieve this. Live next to a high transmission power-line. Similar to the PUFA's outlined earlier, you want to eat plenty of these partially hydrogenated oils if fat gain is your goal. Some find that is the turn on, but there are resources out there that deliberately give advice on gaining weight healthily. Do Lots of Chronic Cardio! Vegetable oils are all high in omega 3 and omega 6 polyunsaturated fats, commonly referred to as 'PUFA's.

Feedee tips

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  1. The men were fatter with lower testosterone levels. The more stress in your life, in your body and in your environment the more likely you are to gain body fat.

  2. The great news for you is that a lot of these toxins are stored in the animals fat - eating this fat is a double win for you.

  3. And older article about the subject. There's no need to worry about eating a second helping of dessert or treating yourself to another slice of cake because everyone else will be doing the same.

  4. Instead, saturate your eyes and environment with artificial light once the sun goes down. Your sleep is disrupted.

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