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Bad habits, when learning how to play the guitar can be a huge pain, whether one is learning to play on their own or with someone’s help. Such habits can at times be hard to notice, till they become an issue in the long run. To avoid being bothered by such mistakes way after you have started learning, it’s better you get to know this mistakes early enough. So, what are the major bad habits made by beginning guitar players?

1. Placing the left-hand thumb the wrong way

One of the most commonly-made mistake by beginners is placing the left-hand thumb the wrong way. The right way to place your thumb is positioning it in the middle of the back of the guitar’s neck, making sure that the thumb points upwards. Those who hold the guitar wrong will most have their thumbs go over the neck’s top as if trying to create a loop around the neck with their fingers. It will take time to adjust to this position, as a beginner, but you will adapt, once you make it a habit.

2. Failing to wear a guitar strap

You should always ensure that the strap of the guitar is tightened so that it won’t fall off your shoulder. The strap’s main task is to ensure that the guitar is in position every time you play, with the neck pointing up, and not down, and the guitar’s body positioned against your body.

3. Holding the pick wrong

Despite “holding the pick” being more of a personal decision based on what works out for you, keep in mind that there is still a “right” way to do that. You want to make sure that you reduce your learning curve, and you can do that by holding your pick with the thumb and index finger, and not using your thumb and ring finger like some beginners might be tempted to do.

4. Playing the guitar while it’s out of tune

One bad habit with beginners is that they might not know how to tune their guitar properly, so they end up practicing while the guitar is still out of tune. At times, one or all of the strings might be out of tune, but such players will still struggle to bring out the sound they wish out of the guitar. One problem with that is that you might be practicing how to make a mistake over and over again, which is why you want to ensure that your guitar is in tune before using it. The best way to go about this would be to buy a tuner and make the best use out of it, by going over some tutorials on how to best use a tuner.

5. Failing to practice enough

One thing you need to know about learning how to play the guitar is that you should be willing to practice more often. Don’t practice only when you feel like since you might get a bit discouraged when you realize that you aren’t acquiring the skills as fast as you would have wished to. You should start out with short, everyday sessions, which will help you learn something small every day. With time, your set of skills will grow, and you will get encouraged to learn more as time goes by.

Final thoughts

Having gone through the above points and knowing what might be pulling you down during your practice, learning how to play the guitar should get a little bit easier. The best way to learn how to play the guitar is to avoid mistakes before they grow into habits.

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