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Lord Dargis a man who wants to get rid of the Prince. In a few comics in , Jon had a parrot who talks. In a few comics in , Jon had a parrot who talks. Garfield's Pet Force[ edit ] Garzooka: The characters were made via CGI. Though he comes from a family of expert mouse-catchers, his mother, father and grandfather for example , Garfield thinks that eating mice is disgusting. Rock Oil[ edit ] A large black Rottweiler.

Garfield cupid

He also helped Odie in saving Vito from the fire. Another version of Odie from the planet Dorkon. It is now presumably deceased. His plan is to inherit the castle and build the barnyard into a city of Condos and kill the animals of the barn and serve them to the guests. Abigail[ edit ] Mrs. They really wanted to replace Garfield and Odie, to the point of kidnapping them and setting their hotel on fire. He constantly crosses character's paths, giving those bad luck , because he's upset about breaking up with his girlfriend. Replaced in a one-off episode by a T terminator animal controller until assisted in getting their jobs back by Garfield. He is played by Stephen Tobolowsky. They are voiced by Laura Summer. There is also one mouse named Stretch, similar to Garfield's rubber chicken, though only appeared in one strip. Like his comics counterpart, he is Garfield's friend. Voiced by Bob Hoskins. He is the one who informs Happy about the "Found" poster of Odie and lets him steal Odie as he belongs to Jon Arbuckle. She is voiced by Victoria Jackson. It is now presumably deceased. Chutney — The assistant at Comic Studios. Their names are Bobby tallest , Billy, and Bertie shortest. Cauldron in human world and she's not a full witch yet until episode Bewitched when she becomes a witch teacher. He apparently isn't bothered by Garfield's laziness. He has a son named Jack who he rarely spends time with until Jon convinced him to. He then renames Odie to "Odie Schnitzel" during his show to cover up his crime. As he once famously put it, "Show me a cat that's a good mouser, and I'll show you a cat with bad breath. His last time in the strip was a Halloween strip when all the animals that were eaten by Garfield was seen in a nightmare. Guido, a house spider, usually appears to annoy Garfield. He was voiced by Alan Cumming. The ruler of planet Dorkon.

Garfield cupid

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