Gay skyping

Living Right, my second novel, also popped into my head. I was completely surprised when the writing bug bit me. This one starts in southern China in the Guangdong province and the city of Guangzhou--what Westerners called Canton. It's a basic part of the attachment process. I've worked as a preschool teacher and director Woolsey School! Mustard Seed was a natural outgrowth of my interested in what happen to Lisbeth and Mattie after the war.

Gay skyping

I imagined a scene in hospital room with a young, Evangelical Christian confiding in his sister that he had attempted suicide because he could not live with the shame of telling his parents that he was gay. Though I had never written anything, I was being called to tell this story. I hope I've written an honest story with compassion. Feel free to get in touch to arrange via my website where you can also read the blog I wrote a few years ago: Various scenes popped into my head. The idea for the story came to me in while I was with a group of people talking about Tiger Woods. I thought about what it would be like for Lisbeth to dearly love Mattie and then be taught by society that she wasn't a full person. I was completely surprised when the writing bug bit me. I've worked as a preschool teacher and director Woolsey School! I knew little about the reconstruction period, so it has been interesting--and painful--to learn about the laws and practices that were put in place by the owning class to continue to get low and reduced price labor. Someone mentioned that he identifies as much as an Asian person as an African-American person. But I was glad to hear my writing didn't suck: I hope you will come to love these characters as much as I have. The main characters family has fallen onto hard time due to war and famine. My experiences and education in developmental psychology provided ample fodder for my stories. These characters started to haunt me. It's a basic part of the attachment process. They arrange a marriage for her to a young widow from California. My next novel will jump times and places again. Our amazing young adult children, Kalin and Maya, are kind enough to text, FaceTime and call me on a regular basis. My wonderful wife, Rinda, and I live in a small co-housing community in Berkeley, California with two other families. We are delighted to have our goddaughter Wynnie in our household too. I wondered how it would feel for Mattie to be forced to abandon Samuel, her own child, in the slave Quarters. A third novel in the Yellow Crocus series is starting to swirl in my mind and soul Agent after agent and editor after editor told me essentially, "Great writing, but nobody wants to read this story. I wanted to know what happened to that young man and his family.

Gay skyping

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