Gaz gay

Always saying "Alright babe," Billy is open about his feelings and starts off as a carer for the newly wheelchair-using Gaz. She has also modelled for top shelf magazines such as Readers Wives and Pregnant Mums. With the arrival of Cassie and all the subsequent changes in his life, Tim reveals that Helena has left him and he is gay. Their mother Flo, to whom Donna was very close, dies after being run over by a truck. Louise tells Munch that as he was her birthing partner, the baby would be named Louise Munch Brooks, but she's lying and instead names her Louise Louise Brooks after herself. Born in , Gaz has two sisters Julie and Tasha and a half-brother, Munch. However, at the end of the eighth series, Gaz chooses to be with Donna over Janet.

Gaz gay

Gaz finds out about the arrangement and confronts Phillip while he and Donna are having brunch ; this cures Gaz's impotence. An irate Gaz forces him to drink a glass of Vimto, and he reverts to the Munch of old. In the episode when Donna moves into Gaz's flat, she notices that he has some strange habits, such as only using bread from the middle of the loaf when making toast. Louise even got "dull" Jonny shot once: In the final episode Cassie's ex-boyfriend turns up at The Archer with Cassie having to choose who to be with and she ends up choosing Billy. None of the others are fond of her, and after Gaz tries to seduce her to break them up, Kate resolves to take Jonny away from them and they leave Janet's house together. She is childish, selfish, naive, insensitive and deters most men she meets. Beverley Callard Series 1—3 Flo Henshaw 13 January — 1 January is Donna's mother, and nicknames herself "the thinking man's strumpet". In the last episode of series 7 she gives birth, somewhat assisted by Munch, and although she initially agrees to call the baby "Louise Munch Brooks" she then decides that the name Munch disgusts her and names the baby "Louise Louise Brooks". Gaz decides not to inform Janet of this, as she sees Corinthian as a reminder of Jonny. Gaz tries to repay Billy by getting him a chance to be a footballer, but Billy just gets drunk instead. Lee Oakes Series 3—5, 7 "Munch" whose real name is never revealed in the programme appears one day at the garage where Gaz works, and turns out to be his long-lost half-brother. He develops a fixation for Donna after stumbling across her waiting for Gaz while wearing her kinky nurse's outfit. Arthur - Arthur is the most frequent regular at The Archer, appearing in many scenes but never speaking. An unpleasant teenager, his only appearance is in the series 6 episode "Closing Time", in which Gaz agrees to look after him against Donna's wishes. In series seven she resides with Janet and Corinthian and has found out that she is carrying a baby girl; this disappoints her as she fears the baby girl may be "prettier" than she is. When they meet in The Archer for the first time, it becomes clear that Brian is a con-man. While there, Jonny steals a ring which he later uses to propose to Janet. When engaged to Jonny Janet realises that she doesn't love him any more and dumps him. Although appearing to be gay , he maintains that he is happily married to a rugby-playing wife named Helena and has children. She was originally going to be back for series nine as her character was supposed to come back to Runcorn with her boyfriend but Drysdale was busy filming in Spain for the fourth series of the hit comedy Benidorm. Gaz decides that he loves Donna after all, and drives to her, crashing a car on the way. Gaz and Janet finally realise they belong together, and at the end of series 7, Donna leaves them to be together. After this, he and Donna split up for a while, until they get back together after he is involved in a road accident. Munch Wilkinson[ edit ] Played by:

Gaz gay

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