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A game involving all those present in an orchestra, without rehearsals, but with musicians from every corner of the room. Its inhabitants are the gods of pre-Christian Ireland. Nuno Miranda news Tremor na Estufa: She grew up between Bronx and the city of Amherst, on a personal journey that seems to have drawn the intellectual framework through which she looks at the world. Cautious, but full of intentions, their music is painful and urgent, spiritually lost and holding a modern sense of pain. Rui Pinheiro Impromptu Impromptu Impromptu is an improvised venture that travels through our imaginary and everyday life. Nuno Miranda 10 Russos 10 Russos 10 Russos have been testing our limits for a couple of years. Through mobilisation of different communities around an artistic challenge, it aims to create new experiences and memories, as well as new relationships with the musical activity.

Gnod music map

Here, between contemplation and reflection, the musicians convey in a firm manner this claim in their new band and their new sound. Dance floor temperature at degrees! At a time when he is preparing the release of a new record, this show combines his previous repertoire with new explorations. Gifted with a unique language, the award winning viola player explores the limits of his instrument by applying to his work an intense and articulated symbiosis of musical styles, rarely associated with the traditional viola repertoire. Azores time , on Tremor's Facebook page. She grew up between Bronx and the city of Amherst, on a personal journey that seems to have drawn the intellectual framework through which she looks at the world. Here, traditional music from all about takes electronica and blues for a two-step among the jungle of a dancehall. This exhibition is a work that intends to be an intimate portrayal of young people in their social and landscape contexts. Using the concrete block methodology percussion with disposable materials , the artist guides a workshop that explores, through percussion, the musical facets of each student, leading to the creation of a unique performance. Nuno Miranda Baby Dee Baby Dee Her debut was made on the national stage in the last world tour by Swans, in a show that had as much of eccentric as disconcerting. Besides making music filled with strong political criticism, he works simultaneously with collectives of children and young people from disadvantaged Rio de Janeiro and Portuguese communities. This is a unique opportunity to bring together two artists from two distinctive musical worlds in an experimentation exercise that points out new futures for the musical heritage of the archipelago. A classically trained singer-songwriter, Baby Dee is a sort of legend in the transgender universe of the New York underground, joining on the same stage the virtuosity of circus entertainment and an extraordinary talent playing the piano, accordion and the harp. Feeling around 70s afrobeat, cumbia and any hypnotic sound capable of causing the most swinging heartfelt dancing, The Mauskovic Dance Band is nowadays a definite party sign, having already been on the most interesting world stages and European clubs. This contest runs until It results in a unique and unrepeatable performance, reflecting the collaborative composition and the relationship created between the different links and knowledge involved. RP , enabling this sociocultural project, with 70 jazz students, to meet new artists and learn from different experiences, techniques and repertoires. This project is activated with the support of Galp and A. These talks will feature several artists included in Tremor's line-up, as well as specialists in culture, technology and social politics. The three Danes, Rasmus, Casper, Mads — still the most prominent members in Efterklang — and Finnish drummer Tatu wrote the songs during residencies in London, Copenhagen, Viseu and Berlin; and finally recorded the album with Taylor in Porvoo. Cole Rachel, journalist, poet and professor. At the start of , Dead Combo will bring their new album, recorded at Namouche studios, with production by Alain Johannes. They reach it by entering ancient burial mounds or caves, or by going under water or across the sea. This partnership comes from the desire to offer the audience of Tremor a surprise concert, in a special format, celebrating the festival's 5th anniversary. It explores the relationship of participants with sound and space. He is passionate about South America, and an aficionado of the anthropological exoticism of life in all hemispheres. A journey through time, which frees us from space and transports us to parallel universes of audio-visual interaction.

Gnod music map

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  1. RP , enabling this sociocultural project, with 70 jazz students, to meet new artists and learn from different experiences, techniques and repertoires. Its spectre is an unnameable black hole, but with a defined tangent, pointed at the movement of bodily liberation, through the transversality of dance, party in its purest state, with an insular seal.

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