God is your matchmaker

The dragonfly also symbolizes the season of summer. For a history, including images, of ancient Chinese coins and other forms of money please visit Chinese Coins. The Chinese believe the deer lives to a very great age and, as a result, has become a symbol for long life. He is depicted as an ugly man sometimes as a dwarf with short horns, and holding a writing brush in his right hand and a scholar's hat or peck measure in his left. The musical instrument consisted of a set of 8 to 24 of these chime stones with each tuned to a different pitch.

God is your matchmaker

A pair of carp symbolizes a harmonious marriage. Lu Dongbin and He Xianghu, both members of the Eight Immortals , are frequently depicted as carrying a fly whisk. A picture of a deer is therefore expressing a wish for a top government office with a high salary. Depending upon rank, these tablets were made of jade, ivory, bamboo and shark's skin, or bamboo and jade. Deer and crane are sometimes shown holding the lingzhi in their mouth. Coin Chinese coins are a potent symbol of wealth and prosperity. Buddha's Hand See entry for citron below. The carp used for medicine was the quest in a famous story of Wang Xiang and filial piety. The "fly whisk" became a symbol associated with certain Daoist Taoist immortals and Buddhist deities which was used to "sweep away" ignorance. Fly Whisk The fly whisk is a simple tool used to swat or sweep away flies. See Peach Charms for more information on the Door Gods. The musical instrument consisted of a set of 8 to 24 of these chime stones with each tuned to a different pitch. An example of a charm depicting a crab with this hidden meaning can be seen at Eight Treasures. The carp is also a symbol for an abundance of children because it produces many eggs. Red coral is considered particularly auspicious because the Chinese believe the color red signifies good luck, good fortune, and happiness. The chime stone is also considered one of the Eight Treasures. The dragonfly also symbolizes the season of summer. Cassia Cinnamon The cassia is an evergreen plant with bright yellow flowers that is sometimes incorrectly referred to as Chinese cinnamon. Ancient Chinese believed the dragon brought rain, good harvests and fertility. Auspicious clouds may be seen on coins and charms at the following: Cypress leaves were used in traditional Chinese weddings. Ancient Chinese placed actual coins in dumplings with the wish that whoever found the coins would enjoy prosperity and good luck. A crane standing alone can represent success in becoming a high government official as seen on a charm at Pendant Charms. Cassia and peaches together represent "high rank" and "longevity". Star, Moon, Cloud and Dragon. Dumplings jiaozi Chinese dumplings with meat or vegetable stuffing symbolize wealth or riches because they are boat-shaped and thus resemble the silver ingots or sycee used in ancient China as money.

God is your matchmaker

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