Goodnight texts to your boyfriend

How many signs have you found? Puppy — A name for a guy who you just want to pet all day long! Chief — A perfect pet name for a guy who likes to take charge. Heart Throb — A cute name for that special someone who makes your heart beat faster than the rest. Obviously he did not protest…because it was exactly what he wanted. A dull day always can always have its interesting moments with these messages. Baby Doll — For that unbearably cute guy in your life. Lovey — A cute name for your boyfriend, without being over the top.

Goodnight texts to your boyfriend

Handsome — Well, hello handsome! Sweet Cheeks — For a guy who looks good from behind, if you get our drift. I love the way you say, 'I Love You,' and the way you're always there. Book Worm — The perfect pet name for a dude who loves to read. My Sweet Boy — Because he really is the sweetest thing. Jock — A fun name for a sports fan. Beloved — A sweet and meaningful pet name for a guy who you love. Men appreciate being thought about just as much as women do. I argue and fight and cuss. Honey Buns — Oh yeah. Foxy — A cute name to use for a guy who gets you going. It was that simple! Super Stud — This name is funny, but could be true! Yankee — Perfect for a baseball fan. Just like any other long-term reationship it takes work to keep things fresh and new. Adorable — Simple, yet effective. You reason and respect and pacify. Then you have come to exactly the right place. This guy sure is tasty! Wouldn't it just be perfect if you were the one who made his day by sending him such a text? Puppy — A name for a guy who you just want to pet all day long! Gum Shoe — For that wanna-be detective in your life. Booboo — Ideal for a guy who kisses all your booboos better. Emperor — He might not have power over you, but he is important. Casanova — Ideal for a sexy and romantic man in your life. A day or two off is fine, but longer than that and a man should start to notice that his sweet lady may not be as sweet as usual.

Goodnight texts to your boyfriend

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Cute Good Night Messages to send to Him and Her

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  1. Pancake — For a guy who you could just eat right up. Adorable — Simple, yet effective.

  2. Toots — A cute name for someone with excess wind! Major — Great for that major crush in your life.

  3. If a man decides to text his girl every morning, he can not abruptly stop without consequences.

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