Growing up naked sex stories

She breathed deeply and looked down at me. I closed my eyes lazily fighting off sleep listening to the sound of my stream hitting the water when I heard a gasp. My parents were strictly religious and polygamists at that so as you could imagine I had an interesting childhood. After dinner I talked to dad for a while and he told me to take the weekend to get our lake house ready for the following week. At least, she closed her eyes and purred happily, as she began grinding her hips against my fingers. I don't think Mom told Dad, because he didn't act any differently, but Molly and I exchanged looks every once in a while, and Mom seemed to enjoy our uneasiness. I laid flat ontop of her just making slow movements feeling my balls come to rest on her pussy.

Growing up naked sex stories

She pushed her slippery tits against my chest as she moved her hands up to my neck and even massaging my ears. She must have seen everything, and she's okay with it. With her free hand, she played with her tits, pulling at her nipples. Carol had known me since I was just a boy so maybe it was the shock of seeing me like that I thought. Now Julie took him in her mouth again, vigorously pumping both hand and mouth up and down his dick. His cock was springing to life. He was not in a mind to complain though, having just received an amazingly hot blowjob from his amazingly hot sister. I snapped out of my lust quickly rolling off her letting my cock pop out of her cunt. I learned to jack him off while I let him finger and kiss me. I laid flat ontop of her just making slow movements feeling my balls come to rest on her pussy. My father was about 57 at this time when I was I reached down unzipping my fly and with some effort pulled out my straining hard dick. She has always thought her brother was handsome, but purely in a sisterly way. Julie turns off her tv and realises she hasn't heard from her brother for a few hours. She was gasping and whimpering, writhing in my arms, until, with a loud quavering cry, she came. Dad started to get hard, the first time I'd ever seen him get that way. At that moment, I loved my sister more than I ever had. I moved off of her slowly letting my prick slip out her butt. Once Molly even watched as I climaxed, shooting my cum onto my own belly. In her room, Julie sat on her bed thinking about what she had just done with her brother, was it right? When she touched my chest, I couldn't take it anymore. My father used to joke about how fertile she was and how he was determined to keep this wife barefoot and pregnant. I brushed it off though and went to sleep, the next day it seemed to be back to normal, in fact I barely even saw her. Mom taught me everything when I started to develop. Keeping it in the family, so to speak. Trying out a new series. Molly and I looked guiltily at each other.

Growing up naked sex stories

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