Superintendent Ailwei Mushavhanamadi of the Vhembe police in Limpopo clarified that his daughter had died in a motor car accident but the mob had accused her father of using Witchcraft to cause her death. These places account for The soil structure is mainly sandy grey soil ntlhava , that's why the area called Ntlhaveni. A amalgamation with Thohoyandou led to what is called the Thulamela Local Municipality, which then centralised all administration and services in Thohoyandou. February 04 Eastern Cape — Three men, aged between 21 and 28, were arrested for beating a 60 year old woman to death they accused of practising witchcraft. The pensioner was attending a church service when her house was burned down. It is alleged that he claimed to have visions of his stepmother Vonto colluding with women who practised witchcraft.


In the last few years, the objections went from peaceful applications to the Municipal Demarcation Board to violent protests with property being damaged. Giyani police confiscated the chickens. These places account for The woman said her life and the lives of members of her family could be in danger if the suspects were granted bail. Cwa , with long hot and rainy summers and short cool and dry winters. Mashele and her sons were badly beaten. The headman at Phaphazela is Mafokisi. They affectionately known as Gatsheni. Each chief has a number of villages under his ownership. Molele managed to flee without being injured. The Provincial Commissioner LT. The headman at Gumbani is Gumbani Nobela. Her sister Sibongile 14 told journalists she believed the attack was prompted by continuous accusations that her grandmother was practising Witchcraft. Etymology[ edit ] The name Malamulele comes from the word "lamulela", which itself comes from lamula. A chief of the local Clau-Clau tribal trust issued instructions that all roosters be killed and he established a committee to investigate the deaths of the four people who had been pecked. Spelling have been standardised to reflect standard Tsonga, i. Pupils allegedly smashed the windscreen of a police van with stones. They are of the Magoda lineage. His brother Bongani Xulu 28 used a bolted stick on them and Zakhele Nkosi 26 speared them. They accused him of practising witchcraft. Neighbouring villagers call it Tulo Yabaloyi — Place of Witches. Thus some of the people of Malamulele are the Magwamba, who used to form the Xipilongo Spelonken Empire. Xigalo[ edit ] The clan name of the xigalo ruling family is maluleke. The pensioner was attending a church service when her house was burned down. Ten men attacked the family believing the woman was going to bewitch youths in the village. Ndoda claimed he had contacted a witchdoctor to find the cause of the illness and death of his two children and the witchdoctor had identified the two women as Witches.


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  1. She was rescued together with three daughters and two granddaughters by police and they were forced to spend three nights in the Tzaneen police station for their own safety.

  2. Neighbouring villagers call it Tulo Yabaloyi — Place of Witches. She allegedly revealed the names of those with whom she had allegedly practised witchcraft at night.

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