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District Judge Garrett E. Him hiding his sexuality, getting married twice and having two daughters is bad enough. Various media organizations sent reporters to Israel to ask questions about Cipel and his background. I looked at him and I saw that insane look in his eyes. Pedersen said he came forward because he was angry that Matos McGreevey was offering television commentary on the resignation of New York Gov.

Had i jim mcgreevey sex

The ex-staffer said he was sexually harassed by the Democratic governor. He has said she should have known he was gay. Him hiding his sexuality, getting married twice and having two daughters is bad enough. We went to the bar, and there everyone really did know him and shook his hand. The McGreeveys separated shortly after McGreevey's nationally televised speech in which he declared himself "a gay American. The irony is that McGreevey being gay was never the issue. I knew that the guy had power, and if I endangered him I'd be in trouble. The guard came with us. He said that Cipel had dollar signs in his eyes. Mr Pedersen said he had only decided to come forward with his claims after seeing Mrs Matos McGreevey criticising Mr Spitzer's behaviour on television. The threesomes began in the late s, while Dina and Jim were dating, continued after their October marriage, and had ended by the time McGreevey was elected governor in November , Pedersen said. God, how did this happen? During her commentary, Matos McGreevey said she was blindsided when her husband announced his homosexuality. It took away from the moment. The story of the relationship between the governor of New Jersey and the advisor from Israel was all over the American and Israeli papers, but until now Cipel has refused to be interviewed. Comment required August 19, 4: He told me that he needed to speak with me. I intended to hit him back. Finland's foreign minister 'sent texts to topless dancer' Less than a week after Eliot Spitzer resigned as New York state governor amid revelations he patronised an expensive prostitution service, the usually staid world of US state government has been shaken by allegations of another sex scandal. I looked at him and I saw that insane look in his eyes. Miller claimed he was a rich man with a net worth of several million dollars. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The two of us, not the three of us. He was elected to the New Jersey Senate in , simultaneously serving as mayor during the four-year Senate term. Again, I have no beef with Jim McGreevey taking whatever money he can to write this book. This was the man I'd so respected, a nice man, and suddenly I see before me an entirely different person, an insane person with an insane look in his eyes. Mrs Matos McGreevey, 41, said yesterday that Mr Pedersen's claims were "completely false" and had been prompted by her husband in an attempt to discredit her.

Had i jim mcgreevey sex

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