Haifa girls

The school is literally saving their lives. Just as you have accomplished this which is so difficult to do, so may you realize that you can do anything you want to do in the future. Some of the elementary school age children in Haifa attend the Barkai school run by a national religious school organization with separate classes for boys and girls which is located in Kiryat Eliezer - about 15 minutes away from Ahuza and Neve Shaanan. A true milestone has been reached in their young lives. There are four first-rate religious high schools in Haifa, two for boys and two for girls, and even more in the greater Haifa area.

Haifa girls

There are 3 Ethiopian girls, 2 Russians and 2 Moroccans. Raise awareness and interest in engineering as a career choice, encourage STEM studies at school and the selection of technology and science tracks Activities: Our goal is to have these girls choose advanced STEM studies in school and pursue careers in technology. The parents are uncomfortable with the girls reading from a Torah scroll. Students and IBM volunteers work together to determine a specific community need, and develop an appropriate technology solution as an app or website. Volunteers serve as role models. This activity takes place once a month at the labs with different groups of girls each time. The religious population of Neve Shaanan is concentrated around ages. An annual week-long event focused on introducing young people to the exciting world of engineering. IBM hosts groups of 25 to 30 girls for a single 3-hour programming workshop at the Haifa and Givatayim sites, in which the girls learn how to build an app. High school students Goal: The girls thank JHH for sponsoring the training, the service and the celebration to follow. These talks focus on innovation and creative thinking through skill-building activities to meet technology challenges. Our blessing for them: Alliance A program to encourage girls to aspire to technological professions Focus: Middle school and high school students Goal: In most neighborhoods the population is mixed but there are a number of areas in Haifa where there are religious communities with a concentration of English speaking olim. The school is literally saving their lives. The principal is Oded, an outstanding, highly energetic, loving educator. Kiryat Shmuel is a largely religious neighborhood where secular people are a definite minority. They are better than them all! Another alternative is Beyachad. The most challenging children attend here. These communities are interspersed within the non-religious population and are well integrated, as individuals and as communities, within the general population. Neve Shaanan is the large area facing the Haifa Bay near the Technion.

Haifa girls

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The Girls of Haifa

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