Hartlepool girls

Greatham again - showing a Hartlepools Co-operative Society Limited 'grocers and provision' shop and a young schoolboy walking down the lane. It used to be where the Fens Estate now is, in the cul-de-sac end of Thursby Grove. The premises near the lamp post is a hairdresser. The pleasure beach in Seaton Carew with its big wheel and dipper. A few of her anecdotes are quoted throughout the site and she features in a couple of photos. The building might have been built in although no serious documentary evidence has as yet been uncovered to confirm, or deny, this claim. Photograph courtesy of Mawgram's Odeon Cavalcade. She retained her sense of humour to the end.

Hartlepool girls

Thanks to Ian Malcolmson for the four photographs directly above. It has been in private hands since about and, fortunately, has remained in its original state. Three Piers - the Banjo Pier in the foreground which used to be in old Middleton, the Pilot's Pier, with the lighthouse in the centre, and the New Pier Heugh Breakwater with a few waves crashing over it, in the distance. I certainly remember it as a parcels office and goods yard as it was right next door to the sheds. Historic England has a comprehensive list of sites, and buildings, in Hartlepool and the surrounding area. Three years later, Sylvia felt that the religious order was not for her, and left to continue her nursing career. The Steetley Chimney, a local landmark in Hartlepool for many, many years, is now gone. You are probably wondering why on earth are we showing public toilets on this page? Another form of early transport - this time a Piccadilly Ice Cream horse and cart. In the background you can see the fishermen's huts where the village of Middleton once was. The building is still standing and is Grade II listed. Then and now - the Electric Tram Offices building was originally at the tram sheds depot in Lancaster Road and was moved in , brick by brick, to its current site at the rear of the Gray Art Gallery and Museum. I'm told some of the original seating is still in place on the upper level - although now recovered. Every once in a while we receive a photograph that we need help in finding a correct location. Sadly the bad weather kept the anticipated crowds away but those who showed enjoyed themselves. Thousands of people gathered in the area to witness the demolition. Pieroni, confectioner, and selling groceries, provisions and high class ices. Picture and short bio: Lynn Street as it used to be before the demolition and thanks to Owen Corrigan for supplying this image from his valuable collection. In the present, Annie accompanies Hannah as she looks for a flat to buy. There are more images of the bridge lower down this page under the Seaton Carew section. This photograph, too, dates from What's this got to do with Hartlepool you might well ask? Thanks to Natalie Robson for this photograph. A nice postcard from Greatham.

Hartlepool girls

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  1. The older photograph shows the post office and library on the right hand side. Annie realises he is an old college boyfriend, but Adrian says he doesn't recognise them.

  2. Another view of a bustling Lynn Street with a local policeman keeping an eye on the photographer. These ladies may not be famous, but it might be of interest to their contemporaries to know what became of them.

  3. Also from Greatham, this is Greatham Feast, dating to , with lots of activity taking place in a school yard. Subsequently, a Trust was set up.

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