Have miroku rough sango sex

So this is what Sango is used to. Who does Inuyasha care for? With an annoyed huff, he looked away quickly, focusing on Sango once more. She wanted him that badly eh? But will he do it behind Miroku's back? As "match-maker" Kagome lamented in a later scene, Miroku simply does not understand "mood" and does not know how to treat a woman he actually cares about. However, in the episode "Only You Sango", she was shown fiercely taking on a large bear demon and sending it flying with punches and kicks alone, as well as jumping very high in the air, a feat which everyone was surprised and intimidated by. Outfit Edit Sango often wears two types of outfits.

Have miroku rough sango sex

After Sango got married and started a new family with Miroku and her three kids, she allowed Kirara to train and travel with Kohaku on his quest to become a strong demon slayer and to help people troubled by demons. She smirked with wicked playfulness. Miroku saved Sango from a demonic salamander egg she was forced to swallow, which caused her to repeatedly attack him. Thus in yet another scene, which Kagome watches hidden with Inuyasha, things seemed to go smoothly between Sango and Miroku. Sensing Kagome's over eagerness to get things started he latched himself onto Kagome's neck and began to suck and nip and it. Rolling her eyes, she quickly unhooked her bra and dropped it onto her other clothes. For a second, she was surprised to find it so hard this quickly, only to realize his other hand had been busy at work while she was catching her breath. What mesmerized and horrified Kagome simultaneously was watching Inuyasha and Sango together. A year or more? He noted how her back arched as her delicate fingers stroked the inner fold of her juicy wet cavern, and while she did that her other hand caressed and pulled on her stiff pink nipple gently. She took her role as his older sister very seriously, and throughout the entire story constantly went out of her way and put herself in danger to try to rescue him from Naraku, and make him remember her. A gasp escaped her lips, her arms moving along the back of his head and neck, pulling him closer so that her breasts pressed against him. Miroku, the leech was up to no good. Sango has great physical might for a girl of her age, as shown when she managed to recover in little time after Kohaku , controlled by Naraku , stabbed her in back with his kusarigama. Their lovemaking was nearly silent, especially compared to what had transpired between the three earlier. Sango was taught from a very young age in the ways of demon slaying. A nipple slipped into his hot mouth while he continued hitting her sweet spot, Miroku moaned when he felt muscles ripple around him. Since then, Sango's loyalty and devotion towards her closest friends was seen time and time again, feeling protective towards all of them. Stopping, Inuyasha licked around her naval and blew on it, causing Kagome to shiver and squirm beneath him with want. Mindful of his claws, he slipped a finger in earning a sharp gasp from his mate. Her breath left her momentarily in a quiet, but high-pitched squeal. She also feared that Miroku would leave her for another girl, which was possibly why she had resorted to anger. With a deep breath, she gathered her resolution. Even if she had help, Kagome was overjoyed that Inuyasha's sexual needs were fulfilled — even if he could probably go a few more times if pressed. She growled at him.

Have miroku rough sango sex

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Sango and Miroku: From Lust to Love (Stricken by Disturbed)

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  1. Complying Inuyasha began to thrust into her at demon speed. She was wet, beyond the amount he expected.

  2. Kagome didn't hate the sensation of another pair of eyes upon her, but she couldn't say she liked it either.

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