Heavenly blade

The following cutscene depicts Nariko surrounded by enemies, with Bohan looking on in the background. Subject to physical harassment by Bohan's massive son Roach , who amuses himself by tickling her, and sexual harassment by Bohan, who attempts to make risque advances towards Nariko while also suggesting that further struggles would be pointless, Nariko nevertheless reaffirms her determination to kill her captors, after which a smug Bohan decides to first lock her in a jail cell before placing her in a gladiatorial pit against her own clansmen. This initiates the scene Dawn Siege. Nariko falls into the trap, and Whiptail, after watching most of her personal guards defeated, tells Nariko the truth behind her father's original feelings about her birth - Shen wanted to kill Nariko shortly after her birth, but was unable to bring himself to do so. After defeating Roach, both Nariko and Kai flee from the pit. Nariko is the only character in the game to retain their voice actor in the film. The animated series relies on a simple and stylized 2D look, which allowed director Ben Hibon to "create a complete visual re-interpretation of the world and its inhabitants".

Heavenly blade

Witnessing this, Nariko decides to spare Bohan, who finally acknowledges Roach is indeed his son, in order to allow them to return home. That evening, Bohan's soldiers attempt to sneak into the fortress, in an effort to slaughter the clan as they slumber. In the ensuing battle , Nariko sharply mocks Roach's lack of wit, much to Bohan's annoyance. Throughout the game, she demonstrated her proficiency in sword fighting, hand-to-hand combat, rocket attacks, and artillery strikes. As Flying Fox's lifeless body falls out of his lair, Nariko rushes over to Kai, pulling her down from the noose and carrying her body to safety. Speed Stance , Power Stance , and Range Stance , whose attacks are indicated with different colors blue for Speed, orange for Power, etc. Flying Fox proclaims that Nariko needs more 'Style' before she goes about battling him again and proceeds to flee the scene of the fight. Over the next three scenes, Nariko hacks and slashes her through Bohan's men, leaving a trail of bodies in her wake before finally reaching Flying Fox. Chapter Two - Three Days Ago Nariko awakes to find Kai caring for her, as her adopted sister had found her while she made her own separate escape. However, Nariko soon realizes that she can't defeat the onslaught of Bohan's men, and so in an almost suicidal act of desperation, she sheathes the Sword and hurls herself off the cliff. Flying Fox has given chase to Kai, with the intent to kill her, but not before tormenting her as much as possible. After Nariko impales Whiptail with the sword, King Bohan turns up and snaps Whiptail's neck in her dying moments, then captures the sword and an incapacitated Nariko. Amazingly, the Raven King grants this wish; his essence imbues Bohan's body, with the body becoming a vessel of sorts, and the Raven King himself now back in corporeal form. Players also receive much more insight about her life from Nariko through her narration, as she reveals that she fears that her father holds her to blame for the clan's curse and the death of her mother. However, he also bears a striking resemblance to the warrior who retrieves the Heavenly Sword at the end of The Legend of the Sword. It is revealed to Nariko what players have already known for a few checkpoints by now: In the ensuing chaos, the Nariko can perform stun attacks on her clansmen to incapacitate them without causing harm. Nariko then discovers Shen, his lifeless body hanging from a post after being subjected to various tortures and torments by the snake-maiden. You can help by adding to it. Several years before the game, Nariko came across Kai, the last member of a clan slaughtered by Flying Fox on orders from King Bohan. Interestingly enough, despite having long, drawn-out battles with each, Nariko does not kill a single boss in any of the battles she has with them: Once players complete this stage of the scene, Nariko will spot a catapult in the distance, and, heeding Shen's words, makes haste to escape. Abilities Nariko was highly trained in combat, and was among the most capable fighter in her clan. Bohan then commands Flying Fox to kill Kai while his soldiers take on Nariko. Development[ edit ] Heavenly Sword began development in [17] with footage of the original PC version published on TeamXbox in Nariko fights alongside her father and clansmen once more despite being outnumbered. The following cutscene depicts Nariko surrounded by enemies, with Bohan looking on in the background.

Heavenly blade

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