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The Pet Rock Salesman: In the esteemed 4v4 RT gametype, an ally of mine decided to "play farmer" and mass critters within a farm barricade. And here are some random videos of me blowing up a DVD player! After a creative writing peer of mine read this, she suggested that I write stories for kids; what with the whimsical nature of it and all. Warcraft 3 Addicts Here are a couple funny Warcraft 3 videos I made showcasing some funny and "gosu" strategies:

Helloquizzy com

This is a "funny" story about old men fighting in death matches I'm hoping to remedy that neglect by adding books from those lists to my TBR Jar Project as seen on other blogs In it you listen to video game midi files and guess the game name to see how much you know it has a slight Nintendo bias: It's Just A Napkin: Here is another funny short story in the vein of "An Axemaster, a Midget, and a Pony" only this time there is an eeeevil wizard trying to bring insanity to the entire universe and many others. If you liked my plays and want to film yourself acting them out, I will gladly feature them on this website. Since the original was published under a free license, I went ahead and republished my own retelling of this creepy video! So, what has my introspection revealed? Anyway, read on for the true enlightenment and spiritual revelation you'll have an epiphany with each word you read! I have a short fuse though, and when things didn't go my way, the robot DVD player had to pay. It's exactly what it sounds like a list of the best RPGs of all time Planning to have all the little scraps of paper in my jar by January 1st so I can pick my first book of the year! Scientists weren't too far off. I will end up at 56 by year's end on Wednesday. Or why not both? I have found myself becoming more and more overwhelmed with the number of review books I have on my plate. Here we see Blizzard and Flamestrike destroy an entire game's worth of farming in 3 seconds. Well, this is it I'm working on making my lists out now. This is a funny short story about a man named Axemaster The Fierce and his quest to save his beloved bunnies from peril. And finally, here are some of the funny quotes, sayings, aphorisms, and epigrams I've compiled Oh, and you'll probably notice that most of these videos can be remixed by anyone, so if you're ever bored and if you found this site, chances are you are , feel free to remix them with the youtube video editor! This story is a mostly amusing, somewhat disturbing, Halloween misadventure about what happens when you go wearing cursed articles of clothing like a drippy cursed hobo's sock The Pet Rock Salesman: It has recently come to my attention that famed author Suzanne Collins has used my "Old Man Warz" idea in her highly successful novel The Hunger Games, simply replacing the "elderly fight to the death" idea with "children fight to the death. Hey, I finally finished a new short story!

Helloquizzy com

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  1. It was originally supposed to be ridiculous story about what would happen if a man used all the different ways people have managed to "talk to God" in the past hallucination through fasting, hallucinogenic drugs, meditation, near death experiences, etc. I did not manage to read the 75 books I had challenged myself to this year.

  2. I plan on uploading new writings soon and I want them to look that much better by comparison.

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