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The ants establish colonies within the hollow trunks and stems of the Cecropia plants. In Africa the wood of Antiaris, while not highly durable, is suitable for veneer and plywood, furniture components, and light construction. A few groups are widespread across most of the zone; they can be found in a variety of habitats. Representatives of this order are frequent, and sometimes dominant, members of a variety of ecological communities. Various kinds of hawthorns also exist westward across North America, southward to Mexico and the Andes Mountains , and throughout much of Europe, the Middle East , and Asia.

Hook guernsey

Ficus elastica was used as an early source of rubber before synthetic rubber was invented. Genera of the previously recognized family Cecropiaceae are now included in Urticaceae. Celtis hackberry wood, similar to that of elm in structure, is usually cut into lumber for furniture and containers; C. The active principles of the hop also help prevent spoilage by retarding the growth of bacteria in the beer. Photograh by David Jackson. Small- to medium-size trees and shrubs grown for their flowers or fruit include spirea , meadowsweet, and hardhack from Spiraea; Exochorda pearlbush ; Rhodotypos jetbread ; Malus apples , crab apples ; Prunus cherry ; Amelanchier serviceberry ; Cotoneaster cotoneaster ; Pyracantha fire thorns ; mountain ashes , rowan trees, and whitebeams from Sorbus; Photinia; and Heteromeles Christmas berry. Cannabaceae Cannabaceae , or the hemp family, also has some timber species. Apples Malus domestica make up about half the fruit-tree production in temperate climates. It is used extensively in South America and Panama. Ulmaceae In Ulmaceae , or the elm family, most species of Ulmus elm produce a superior timber with a distinctive grain and a strong resistance to decay; several species in North America provide wood for boxes, baskets, veneer for fruit and vegetable containers, and the bent parts in furniture. The wood of Planera aquatica water elm is fragrant and is used in cabinetmaking. Silkworm larvae genus Bombyx feeding on mulberry leaves. In the seeded form, the seeds are boiled or roasted and have a flavour similar to that of the chestnut. Hence, these seeds are potentially dangerous when consumed in quantity. Virginia roseVirginia rose Rosa virginiana , native to eastern North America. Another widespread genus is Crataegus hawthorns , which is particularly abundant, in terms of both individuals and diverse forms, throughout eastern North America. USDA Agricultural Research Service Some genera and species in Rosaceae frequently grow on more than one continent, but there are discontinuities in their ranges. I didn't manage a pudding, that will have to wait until next time. About a dozen species of strawberries are distributed in the north temperate zone, extending southward in the mountain ranges of Central and South America. The fleshy fruits of Sorbus mountain ashes , Prunus cherries and plums , Malus crab apples , Crataegus hawthorns , and Amelanchier shadbush are relished by birds, and strawberries are a favourite food of turtles and other ground-dwelling animals. Other North American Indians used decoctions from blackberries and raspberries for the same purpose. Gillett, World Life Research Institute Cecropia peltata trumpetwood resembles the North American Populus trichocarpa black cottonwood; family Salicaceae in density and mechanical properties and is used in making boxes, plywood, and particleboard stock. Banyan Ficus benghalensis Gerald Cubitt Moraceae contains a number of latex -producing plants. Alder buckthorn Rhamnus frangula Sven Samelius Elaeagnaceae , or the oleaster family, consisting of 3 genera and 45 species of shrubs and trees, is centred in the north temperate region and warm tropics, with extensions into Malesia and Australia. Valuable timber is derived from several other species, including Maesopsis eminii African umbrella tree , Ziziphus mauritiana Indian jujube , or Chinese apple , Z. Old roses, as a group, are various sports, mutations, or hybrids of species roses.

Hook guernsey

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  1. The king fish was sensational. Latex from Ficus species and Artocarpus altilis is employed in chewing gums, glues, caulking compounds, and birdlime—a sticky substance used to ensnare birds.

  2. The wood of Planera aquatica water elm is fragrant and is used in cabinetmaking. We had a fabulous evening.

  3. Wood The wood of Prunus serotina black cherry and P. Economic and ecological importance Rosaceae Fruit species Rosaceae is perhaps the third most economically important group, after Poaceae , or the grass family, and Fabales , or the legume order.

  4. Leaves and fruit of an American elm tree. Some of the tropical and subtropical species of Urticaceae are shrubs or trees; many of the herbaceous species form dense ground covers in moist climates or grow as epiphytes on moss-covered tree trunks and tree branches in humid regions.

  5. European roses, on the other hand, are much more winter-hardy, usually produce only one flush of blooms in the spring, and have flat flowers with little fragrance. Production of Ficus carica, the principal fig grown commercially as food, is highest in the Mediterranean region Turkey, Greece, and Italy and the United States.

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