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I complied and began to undress telling him that condoms where required as I pulled one from my pocket. My ass was hurting and the normal pleasure that I got when being filled with cock was now agony. Just about everything that he did was painful. Then he stopped, threw the pliers on the bed and started to undress. Immediately he started thrusting into me like a cow getting bred by a bull in a pasture.

Hot young gay guy rough sex

As I opened the door he lowered the club. The clang of handcuffs snapping shut and my arms behind my back I thought that I was getting busted. Back in the room, he placed the ice bucket on the dresser than told me to get undressed as he loosened his tie. I looked away briefly; he grabbed my hair and turned my head back to watch him masturbate. Believe me; he would not have had any problem doing that at all. With the same reckless abandon that he fucked me in the ass he forced his cock in my mouth. His thrusts were rapid, powerful and deep. Needless to say, I took a few days off. Grabbed the money and headed for the door backwards so I could watch him. Not this time, I was scowling. His slaps were at full strength, not the affectionate sexual slaps that I was accustomed to. When I turned around, he was standing there with a golf club in his hand as if to protect himself. He turned me over face down on the bed, my feet still on the ground, spread my legs and jammed that cock of his into me, no prep, no lube it felt like he was ripping me open. But at this time I was both frightened and very angry. Under normal circumstances I would have tried to lick it up or made some sensual look on my face to try and look thankful. My ass was hurting and the normal pleasure that I got when being filled with cock was now agony. He grabbed me by the hair again and threw me face own on the bed. He drew his hand back and slapped my face so hard that I fell to my right. I frowned a bit as I looked up a him. I turned slightly away from him as I reached to move my clothing off the bed when without warning he shoved me face down and grabbed my wrist. I got dressed; this time I kept my eyes on him as I did. Instead there was a pause, then his knee in the small of my back as he removed the cuffs. Now bitch, do you want to suck my cock? He maintained a firm painful grasp of my hair as he started thrusting into my throat. He was now totally naked revealing a massive nine inch cock, and that was soft. I just got on the elevator and headed out the way came. I was in fear that he was going to stick something else up my ass.

Hot young gay guy rough sex

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