How to hook up with a stripper

They have a very strong but vulnerable inner child with a lost sense of innocence, and there is a powerful desire for that lost innocence to be reclaimed and have the inner child emerge. Keep it simple and emotional while displaying value and personality. And I know there are good men out there reading this, men who deserve to have strippers falling into their laps fulfilling their needs. Anyways I have talked to a few strippers, dated a couple…so I know a little bit about how they work. They have fear and you need to be able to placate that and make them feel safe with you without trying to hard, but just through subtle reassurance. Plus, many girls hate doing that so it triggers all sorts of issues in her mind. If you really feel like she really liked you, make her wait till the next night because she will be wondering the whole day if you are going to text her. Remember that she is a sexy shark with razor sharp teeth.

How to hook up with a stripper

The relationship is very psychological. She is the moral support for the girls, she gives pep talks, when the girls have a bad night she is one of the ones that comfort them, she gives motherly advice and is the mother archetype because the girls are actually very fucked up and have a compromised sense of innocence and an inner child that wants to come out, and this woman will actually be called some motherly name, and will often be older, possibly overweight. A lot of people usually go early. She is at work and she needs to earn money. Her Time This is what really separates gaming a stripper from any other woman on the planet. These are insider secrets for your eyes only, and the material has been copyrighted as well and may not be distributed except by the author The Manager is your Enemy in the Club. The best thing to do is to continue treating her like any other woman. When you take them out of the strip club environment they have periods of regression where they will act like teenagers. If you really feel like she really liked you, make her wait till the next night because she will be wondering the whole day if you are going to text her. Sometimes however they will feel like they have to sleep with the really rich guys and get into high cost prostitution. They may even approach you if they see you hitting it off with a stripper and try to find out something they can take back to the stripper to use it against you. Because then they are looking for a pick me up, someone to uplift them, get their mind off the fact that they are not making money, and is a nice guy who is an enigma and provides nice conversation and entertainment. But I also recently had the opportunity to meet a guy whose specialty was stripper game. But you can absolutely not check her out or show any interest in her physically, or even do so much as to glance at the girl on stage even for a split second because she will pick up on it. They are there to make money thus denying them this opportunity is an insult. The more experience they have the less they see clients as potential dates and the better they are at squeezing money from them. You will need to take her out for drink in a different venue not a strip club whilst constantly spitting game like a pro. The valet is also a spy who not only looks at what kind of car the person comes in on or a cab or limo if they are out of towners , but will sometimes even scope out what is in the car. Strippers are gold diggers. You can basically have a few SAME night attempts per venue. Get them to take their mask off and remove their stripper game facade. The cocktail waitresses will give the strippers heads up on customers who have money, and they work as a team — the stripper then gets the guy to buy drinks so that the waitress makes money too. The only guys who have a chance to pick up a stripper are the ones off in the corner in the shadows wearing a suit and unimpressed. Seem like the anomaly at the club that is different from the other guys. Keep it simple and emotional while displaying value and personality. Do not let them associate you with money!!!

How to hook up with a stripper

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