How to tell sex of guinea pig

Boars and Sows One neutered boar can live with several sows. Before contacting them, write down the name of the pet store, the address and details about the condition of the animals and their accommodation, that way you'll have a detailed description in front of you, about what you want to say. These practices are no secret and have been a problem for years. And although they still require time with grooming, some owners opt to cut their hair short to avoid having to brush everyday. For example, if one of your guinea pigs bites another, you will likely hear a shriek. Two adult females can be introduced but also like boars, cage size and personalities also play a part in successfully introduceing adult sows. My passed guinea pig Molly was a Sheltie.

How to tell sex of guinea pig

If you can remember that some males are very territorial, even a few females so you may need to buy a larger cage so they have space to call their own. I would not recommend these for children, as it may be hard for them to warm up to a skinny pig. What to expect and when to intervene Nearly all guinea pigs will go through many different types of behaviour when they meet each other for the first time. That is how 4 of my guinea pigs came to live with me, Jasmine and Sweetpea, Jake and Squeekie. Just because it can turn around and take five steps doesn't mean it's an acceptable size. Of course there are always little quarrels amongst guinea pigs that do break out, even in an established pair or group but it rarely turns into anything nasty. Not all guinea pigs have short hair like the American. Keep doing this until the chattering eventually goes away. For a short period of time, this will help to disguise the piggies natural scent. If the piggies teeth are misaligned, the insisor or molar teeth will wear down unevenly, causing eating and teeth problems in the future. Also remember, introducing them in a cage, especially a smaller cage will make them feel very anxious as they have hardly any means of escape. There have also been several cases of guinea pig noises not on this list, although it is very rare. I would recommend this breed if you live in an area without too much sunlight and heat. You go into a pet store and see a piggy that makes your heart melt, and then see that it's crammed into a small aquarium with four other guinea pigs. Like the purr, chutting happens when your guinea pig is relaxed, happy or content. Do all guinea pigs want to be the boss? See this link for more information. If you have a specific time that you normally feed your guinea pig , you will usually hear them wheek loudest at this time of the day. He then continued to serve a customer. How do we know this? You can't find that kind of care in a store. Sit back and take a moment to appreciate this sound not too many owners get to hear. It is, in fact the same restaurant. One possible solution is provide two food bowls and 2 water sources, in separate areas of the cage. Just try your best to keep them from fighting, since they have to eventually learn to co-exist with one another. Sometimes, the growling can be directed towards another guinea pig in the cage.

How to tell sex of guinea pig

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How to Tell the Sex of a Guinea Pig

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