Infj male

Like who we can trust or not. This makes people more comfortable around us. They follow their own set of morals and beliefs, and dislike being shoved into a box. Now let's say I can give you the best tasting ice cream in the world, but you only get a spoon taste of it every now and then and you have to work toward it. This means that even in college or during their younger years, many INFJ males probably preferred to spend time with their favorite people, rather than go to a raging party.

Infj male

It takes people who understand them to fully appreciate their depth and sensitivity. Let's talk about solutions. Extraverted feeling Fe [ edit ] Fe seeks social connections and creates harmonious interactions through polite, considerate, and appropriate behavior. I show the outer mask of "playing it cool. Be confident in your uniqueness. It's because their confidence outshines the shitty part of their personalities. Besides, INFJs have extremely high expectations of themselves and sometimes others. They do care about how they look, and might be extremely hard on themselves when it comes to appearance. My advice will go against your intuition, but you need to learn to accept it. After that I took a long, hard couple weeks of self discovery. Feeling like they have to keep their true nature a secret, can cause them to recluse into themselves completely. Once you are allowed into the world of an INFJ, do not take that for granted. However, many modern practitioners hold that the attitude of the Tertiary function is the same as the Dominant. And here's the biggest problem: Tread the fine line there and make sure it doesn't become arrogance. But that confusion if done the right way can be very attractive because it means we aren't boring. They often do not stand for other peoples sometimes selfish actions, and are much more in tune the emotions of others. The secondary Auxiliary function serves to support and expand on the Dominant function. Type 2 First of all, I'd like to start by saying this: The Inferior function is the personality type's fatal weakness. Note this applies mainly to INFJ males. In many cases the people around them will truly appreciate this warmth, making them amazing friends and partners in life. You have to manually put on the brakes if you want the relationship to last. You need to try to take it slow, get to know her a little bit, and let everything play out naturally. I have to go to great lengths to hide this little fantasy world of mine. INFJs have little patience for people they consider fake or corrupt.

Infj male

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Male INFJ Interview

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  1. Please help improve it by removing unsourced speculative content. This sense of caring and consideration makes them strong individuals, who are comfortable with emotions instead of terrified of them.

  2. Your mind is a very beautiful thing and we have many layers. Please help improve it by removing unsourced speculative content.

  3. But first, I have to get past those initial stages in a relationship, and get over that paralyzing fear of rejection that I have, which is just not easy. And that leads to 2.

  4. If you have any more advice please feel free to mention it. Weak Se in the INFJ may result in a detachment from the sensory reality, but when the function is in use it adds a playful counter to the serious nature of Ni.

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