Jun matsumoto dating

Recently the very quiet and reclusive Mao has responded to the reports on the relationship when a reporter outside of her home asked her some personal questions. Ai Orikasa anime Shizuka is the widowed matriarch of the Takanashi family and a politician who barely appears at home due to work. How his fan think about his lover They think that Matsumoto and Inoue would marry in the near future. He does not fight back against Mahiru because his sisters taught him not to hit girls. Despite that, she is chosen to replace Yachiyo as chief of staff near the end of the series.

Jun matsumoto dating

Inoue is a good girl and establish her career as an actress, so many of them support her, too. Matsumoto is heavily guarded by his agency regarding his love life, so the couple has not been caught on camera as much as other celebrity couples. We have to find out in the years to come. She is also unable to properly call him by his surname, saying "Katanashi" rather than "Takanashi", even when corrected. He is enamored by small and cute things, and thus favors Popura over the other employees due to her cute appearance. Many fans and tabloid writers expect the two to get married sometimes soon, but we are never sure of when the two will get together. Tall and slender, she is rarely shown standing and pays little attention to her bedraggled appearance always dressing in black, not wearing make-up, and being covered in ink. Izumi has a weak constitution—she gets muscle aches from carrying anything heavier than a pen—and frequently relies on others to take care of her, doing no household chores and being cared for by her brother. One factor is indeed because Matsumoto has hide his love life in front of his fans, but the other factor is because he likes to stay indoors with his girlfriend. The two obviously met during the filming of the series, and has dated ever since. However, since Shibasaki had been dating various men at once, and she has cheated on her past boyfriends more than once, it is unsure whether this is actually true or not. She worries when Izumi leaves the house and spoils Nazuna. Shizuka is a manipulative and headstrong woman and the simple mention of her name is enough to have her children intimidated, except for Nazuna, who seems to have not known her enough yet. There were many rumors in that the pair would get married by the end of the year but it never happened or did it Due to her job, she is the only person who can withstand Kazue's physical attacks. He is away most of the time, searching for his missing wife, who apparently is so bad with directions that she got lost while running errands and is now wandering Japan. Despite that, she is chosen to replace Yachiyo as chief of staff near the end of the series. She finally reveals herself in the final arc of the manga and in the last episode of the anime series. When asked about marriage and Jun she replied coyly that she wouldn't comment until she could speak with her agency. They have kept their relationship on the down low. When the two eventually do meet, Aoi reveals that she ran away partly due to her family situation: She goes as far as to apply to be adopted by him. She appears to be very serious, but this is just a cover for her emotional problems. His biggest weakness appears to be crying girls. Despite not following J-entertainment as closely as Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese I still have my small fandoms and ships.

Jun matsumoto dating

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  1. MJ Dating with Mao Inoue? Introduction Jun Matsumoto born in August is a Japanese singer and actor.

  2. Slightly shorter than Kazue, she is an aikido instructor, and appears in chapter 20 of the manga.

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