Kanas lake monster

Lake is some 25 km long and approximately 2. The largest known freshwater fish today is Mekong giant catfish Pangasianodon gigas which is up to 3. This creature is seen for some minutes and then it disappears deeper in the lake. Group of 7 tourists observe and take video of two giant creatures. There are no doubts that taimen is giant fish — but does it grow 5 — 7 times longer than usual, up to the size of a small submarine?

Kanas lake monster

July 5, — tourists in the boat see a group of animals which rise approximately 1 m tall waves; May — group of 28 people observe monsters for some 8 minutes, event is filmed; July 5, — 15 creatures observed and filmed. In and there were organized expeditions to the lake but no results have been published. Screenshot from one of the few good quality videos of Kanas Lake creature. This light phenomenon has scientific explanation but one can think that this is a divine sign of his enlightement. Mysterious creatures One of the main reasons why many tourists come here is the hope to see the legendary monsters of Kanas Lake. Group of 7 tourists observe and take video of two giant creatures. This spectacular lake is located in a deep valley and is surrounded by high mountains. According to legends these monsters snatched sheep, cattle and even horses which were too close to the water. Below are listed some of the better known sightings of Kanas Lake creatures during the 21st century: May 24, — Yuan Guoying sees giant fish and compares its size to the size of small submarine; June 6 and 8, — tourist manages to take pictures of unknown creature in the lake; July 6, — two animals are filmed by a tourist from yacht. They are longer than 10 m. This has brought interesting results: Since the late s the situation is changing. Some even consider that this is clever public relations action by local tourism industry — and these events certainly have made the lake even more famous. In Europe it is called Brocken spectre. Lake of legends Kanas Lake is unusual place with many other legends. Each fish is at least 10 m long. Such cases are reported up to this day. There are no doubts that some enormous animals live in Kanas Lake — possibly the largest freshwater fishes in the world. It is the deepest glacial lake in China, up to These creatures are known to local people for centuries. September 9, — hundreds of tourists see distant shadow under the water which moves towards them. One of official explanations to the weird sightings is — tourists are observing big shools of salmon. Water from glaciers contains very small particles which are sinking very slowly. It is one of the largest freshwater fishes in the world: Color of Kanas Lake is changing from emerald green to deep blue, depending on the time of the day and weather conditions. Research in the ies First known scientific research of these legends started in the s by Yuan Guoying, Xinjiang University.

Kanas lake monster

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5 unknown Lake monsters caught on camera

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