Katty petty

Initially recruited by Ravi in an attempt to help Liv identify Blaine, he occasionally is called in to help Liv and Clive with their investigations. Lieutenant Devore portrayed by Marci T. House, guest season 1; recurring seasons 2—3: After the failed kidnapping of Peyton and the police confiscation of his files second-season finale he flees to Montenegro, yet briefly returns to seek revenge on Blaine—at which point he learns the truth about zombies, and is intimidated into working for Blaine. Also called the Candyman and known as Julien 'DeWeed'; a zombie thug who works for Blaine and who grows to hold personal animosity towards Major, who eventually kills him during the Meat Cute massacre. Teresa was killed by Cameron in the hopes of keeping a larger sum of hush money, but not before she tipped off Clive to her suspicion that it was Max Rager who was killing her friends. Although he comes from a wealthy family, Blaine did not have a happy childhood; his depressed mother committed suicide, his doting grandfather was committed to hospice, and Blaine himself was abused by his nanny.

Katty petty

I hope to see more food involved in some future films, maybe not the center focus, but its a nice touch to the film and Nikki pulls it off excellently. He attempted to frame Max Rager for the killings, and his own kidnapping, before being caught by Liv and Clive. In the fourth season, he is assigned as Bozzio's partner, and reveals to Clive the reason she broke up with him, leading to Clive's proposal. Corrine portrayed by Elise Gatien , season 1: After some point Angus cut him off financially, leading Blaine to pursue work dealing drugs for Stacey Boss. After the United States cease their shipment of brains to New Seattle, Major makes a partnership with Blaine, whom he offers debt relief and a full pardon, offering a chance to become a hero to zombiekind in exchange for supplying brains. Cameron Henley's friend and bandmate who was with him when he ran over Sebastian Meyer. After being approached and reassured by Liv, the character deviates from his comedic and buffoonish persona; breaking the existence of zombies to the public via his newscast with solemn earnestness. Vaughn Du Clark portrayed by Steven Weber , recurring seasons 1—2: While tasked with spying on Liv, she poses as her roommate 'Gilda'. Though he refused his sister's visit in the second-season premiere, the character was meant to return later in the second season, where Liv would have confessed she was a zombie and Evan would have come out to her in turn. Babineaux's senior officer who is secretly a zombie in Blaine's employ to hinder the murder investigations of his victims. He sold Major the guns he used in the Meat Cute massacre, and later hoped to testify during Major's Chaos Killer trial in the hopes of receiving a lighter sentence. When she pisses in her own face in this video is the best 1 min. Lieutenant Devore portrayed by Marci T. She also uncovers a conspiracy that implicates her employer, Floyd Baracus, in a number of suspicious deaths. A wealthy, trendsetting, divorcee whom Blaine picks up in a bar and infects with the zombie virus. Would have loved to see more of it in the photos, too. Donald Thorne portrayed by Serge Houde, guest seasons 1—3: Mia is one of the hottest women on this site - and that's saying a lot because there are so many beautiful women here. Upon Liv realizing she could not go through with it; Lowell took it upon himself to make a failed attempt on Blaine's life, one which resulted in his own death. Working the mayor's office, she will be on the front line of mediating disputes between zombies and humans. Having already stopped killing for his brain supply and intentionally creating more zombies; the zombie outbreak forces him to change his business model. Sebastian Meyer, portrayed by Matthew MacCaull, season 1: He also contests with the return of Angus, who had been driven mad in the well and becomes an evangelical zombie cult leader who wishes to make amends with his son.

Katty petty

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  1. In the fourth season, he is assigned as Bozzio's partner, and reveals to Clive the reason she broke up with him, leading to Clive's proposal.

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