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In a rain forest vines too can be stranglers. The leopard is rarely seen but there is evidence of its presence through its scats excreta. Ferns in Sinharaja Rain Forest The trees that form the canopy, or top layer of trees, usually reach heights of around 30 to 45 meters. Pollination and seed dispersal are two of these. The two Small Squirrels Funambulus layardi and F.

Lanka wal

The lack of a uniform land-use policy and the multiplicity of governmental and semi-governmental agencies involved in land-use planning in Sri Lanka are the major administrative constraints in evolving a suitable protection plan for Sinharaja. Illicit gem mining was once a serious problem in eastern parts of the reserve and was organised mostly by wealthy merchants from outside the Sinharaja region. Since it is a large animal and quite visible, it seems that only a few animals are left from the large number reported earlier. Epiphytes, orchids for example, are plants that cannot stand by themselves but are not dependent on the host plant for their food. At present, the reserve has 6,,ha of unlogged forest. Then there are the vegetation types like, stranglers, epiphytes, parasites and saprophytes. These activities have now been restricted to forests surrounding the Sinharaja reserve. However, their numbers have gone down over time and now there are only a few animals on the Rakwana side of Sinharaja, especially in the Handapan Ella, Thangamalai and Deepdene areas. There are no spotted Deer Axis axis , which is one of its favoured prey, at this elevation. At first glance, the forest seems to be a chaotic muddle of vegetation. In a rain forest vines too can be stranglers. Zeylanicus and Bu Hora Dipterocarpus. The most important traditional minor forest products used are Kitul, Cane and to a lesser degree medicinal plants. Even the exact population of elephants in Sinharaja is not known. For the moment, transactions related to lands surrounding the reserve are suspended under presidential order until such time, as the conservation plan for the reserve is ready for implementation. Ferns in Sinharaja Rain Forest Size Main attractions Hiking Trails, Wide variety of endemic species The Sinharaja Forest Reserve, the best-known rainforest in Sri Lanka, is well worth a visit from anyone who is interested in the natural resources of this country. Ferns in Sinharaja Rain Forest There are a number of rats, the Bandicoot, shrews and bats inhabiting this rainforest. Logging was carried out from until , when logging was banned, largely due to public pressure brought about by the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society, which played a leading role in the protests and objections to this indiscriminate logging of a very important and valuable natural resource. One is the Dipterocarpus forests that occur in the valleys and on their lower slopes. This process is called photosynthesis. Sinharaja also has many species of endemic fauna. Parasites need a host plant and take their food off the host plant as well. This is the same as in an intricate rain forest ecosystem. The moment it occurs, a hoard of young plants shoot up to take their place in the canopy. The larger mammals that are threatened are the leopard and the elephant. Flora in Sinharaja Rain Forest The plants could either be photosynthetic, thus nutritionally self sufficient or non-photosynthetic like the saprophytes; some, on the other hand, are semi or totally parasitic.

Lanka wal

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  1. The other forest type is the secondary forest and scrub that now occurs where the original forest cover has been removed by shifting cultivation or other tree removal operations. Mammals There is evidence that there have been elephants in parts of the Sinharaja and its surrounding forests.

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