Libra man and libra woman marriage compatibility

It'll lead to a breakup I believe. I'm a Libra man and have been with a Libra woman. I guess most of you went thru the same thing. Both partners will be sophisticated, have a refined taste, have a love of the finer things in life, and enjoy debating. Complusive liars and the sort who will stab you in the back while kissing on the cheek! He recently contacted me and said he's been dreaming of me for ten years. They are one of the few partner-seeking zodiac signs who view life as incomplete and often fail to be happy without a soulmate at their side. Having different friend circles, careers that differ greatly in time demands, and spending more time with people other than your partner can allow unhappiness to fester. The Libra male likes to pamper his significant other by cooking for her, keeping the home clean, and waiting on her, but he will eventually expect you to return the favor.

Libra man and libra woman marriage compatibility

Not a good idea! Had a Libra girlfriend while he was talking to me. Like all relationships between two people of the same sign , this has its problems. In the worst case scenario, both of them will feel powerless all the time, because of the disrespect they feel for each other, but lack initiative and seem unable to resolve the situation that burdens them. As long as things were going his way, he was fine. I think tis relationship is not getting anywhere. I am a Libra Woman dating a Libra Man. I can assure you Libra man, can and will step up to the plate. And both are restless, energetic, outgoing, opportunistic and ambitious while dealing with a project. These partners value dedication, a spiritual approach to love, fineness and moderate choices, reasonable behavior that will not be judged by those around them. With that said, the Libra man and Libra woman are the lovers of the zodiac and could make a beautiful romance as long as you are willing to acknowledge your similarities and compromise on a few things. Don't ever date a Libra man, ladies! They don't like to be ignored. Right now I am just starting to see a Leo and an Aquarius. We want to argue lol. The Libra male can be very indecisive, and he will feel more secure and confident in his decisions if he has a teammate to help him make decisions. Now that it's been half a year he still do those things but I can slowly see us arguing a lot and needed time away from one another. These are weaknesses of Libra and having a partner that shares them can result in lack of growth and change. He brought out the worse in me! Talk to a love and relationship psychic for additional insights about compatibility between Libra men and Libra women. I have had may wonderful relationships, but Libra man is the one sign who shares the same core values of happiness, that I find important. I am currently seeing a Libra man. If they let each other be who they are, they might become an inspiration for all of us, teaching us what a productive relationship really is. They carry a natural charm with them wherever they go, and are never short on company or even inquiring suitors. He broke up with me months later, said it was too hard long distance. I'm a lovely Libra lady. Similarly, both the Libra man and Libra woman are also very caring, warm-hearted, thoughtful and sensitive.

Libra man and libra woman marriage compatibility

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Libra Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

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